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My friends Heather and John are loons. . . August 5, 2006

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I haven’t written much about our little junket into The Wizard of Oz because of a number of reasons; the relative weakness of our Dorothy (she does fine enough, she just isn’t all that strong); the minor roles my family has in it. . .it’s a story everyone knows and doesn’t really have a strong message to it. . .

All the same, tonight we close, and I do feel some regret at this. I hope to have some pictures up later next week.

But I started writing about Heather and John, the stage managers. There is a scene in the 2nd Act where I have to wait behind closed doors. Heather and John then swing the doors open for me, and close them when I walk back offstage. We repeat this little dance about three times. While we are waiting, we tease each other and comment on how well the show is going that night.

Anyway, on the last entrance, Heather and John hold the doors open while I stare at the other players, waiting for them to follow me. I am in full view of the audience and am wearing a live microphone. And the buggers then proceed to do everything in their power to make me laugh. I have to bite my cheek and turn my head, and I cannot DO A THING in retaliation; as I said, I am in full view of the audience, and am wearing a live mike.

Heather likes to think of this as revenge upon me for a screw-up on HER part.

See, opening night, we were back there awaiting my first entrance, and Heather was cursing some of the other stagehands for screwing things up. Little did we know her voice was being carried out over my mike, which was live at the time. (I have no control over my mike. The guy at the soundboard is responsible for making sure I am live on stage and muted offstage. He simply brought me up too early, thinking I would be quiet preparing to go on. He was right. his problem was that he did not take Heather into his calculations.)  So, her various comments about brain-damaged stagehands and out-of-tune brass sections, liberally sprinkled with profanity, was broadcast for all to hear.


And so she takes it out on me.

Why theater people have so much fun making others laugh onstage is a question I’ve never had answered.



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