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Bob Dylan as theocrat? August 6, 2006

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There have been some ongoing debates between myself and a fellow I style as Gorgia, (he calls himself Sophist). I use the name to honor his own sobriquet; sophists being rhetoricians from ancient Greece who honored the winning of an argument, regardless of any inherent truths. Their’s was not to worry about finding the correct answer; their’s was only to win the argument.

Gorgia was one of these in ancient Greece.

Anyway, one of the issues has been the meaning of the term “theocrat.” I suggest that it describes one who leads a theocracy, while Gorgia maintains that it is one who is in favor of a theocracy.

How do we determine if one is in favor of a theocracy? Many on the Left -and Gorgia may be one of these- seem to suggest that if one simply has a belief in God, then one is automatically a theocrat.

Well, what about Bob Dylan?

Before I go any further, I have to say that I have never had much use for Dylan as a performer. I’ve never liked his singing voice, and his music and lyrics have never done anything for me. I don’t hate him, like I do The Doors, but I’ve never cared much for him, either. POlitically, though he has always been championed by the Left, he has never said anything (at least that I have ever heard) that suggested he is as agitprop and out-there as say, George Clooney.

Moving on, one would have to say that the very idea of Dylan as a theocrat is completely insane. But consider some of these quotes:

From 1966:

I know some very good artists that are in favor of the (Vietnam) war. . .people just have their own views. Anyway, how do you know I’m not, as you say, in favor of the war?

From 1978:

Who does Christ become when he lives inside a certain person? . . .seeing a Time magazine on an airplane a few years back and it had a big cover headline, ‘IS GOD DEAD?’ I mean, that was-would you think that was a responsible thing to do?. . .You know I think the country has been going downhill since that day.

From 1968:

. . .the only parables I know are Biblical parables. . I have always read the Bible.

When challenged that he does not appear to be the type of man to wander into a hotel room and start reading the Gideon Bible, he responds:

Well, you never know

Now, am I serious in saying that the LoonBall Left can see Dylan as a theocrat. No. And I don’t even think that Gorgia would think so.

But if you put these quotes up on Kos, DU or Pandagon and removed the references to both Dylan and the times involved, in time the conversation would devolve into -sometime- the author of these quotes being accused of being a theocrat.  The quote in bold text, about the country going downhill since the Time question “Is God Dead?” in particular would lead to quick assumptions that the speaker is a theocrat. Just like the assumption is made about abortion clinic protesters.
This is very common, and it is becoming more common, even dangerously so. For more on this from more erudite people than me, see my previous link to Dr. Sanity, or this excellent article from Ross Douthat at First Things.



1. J - August 7, 2006

An odd sort of assertion. Might make an interesting experiment. Why don’t you try it?

Here’s another one you could also try: Go visit the Freepy-Crawlers and put up a post saying you don’t know where Osama bin Laden is, and don’t much care, and don’t think the search for him is very important, and see how those folks respond to the unattributed sentiments of George W. Bush.

2. demolition65 - August 7, 2006

I have enough fun getting tossed about here. You first, J.

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