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After having spent so much time slamming Pandagon and Pharyngula. . . August 7, 2006

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. . .I have to make mention of a day (today) where they both made posts that were both reasonable (!!) and actually something I could agree with (!!!!!!!!)

First, on Pandagon, Amanda puts forth her tongue-in-cheek theories as to why the voting for the Rock ‘n Roll hall of Fame is a total joke. Snarkiness aside, it is not a bad article. And I am shocked to discover that we both have the same animus towards The Doors.

The entrance requirements seem to be a) you were influential and b) some Baby Boomers out there still own your albums, so Kiss should be a shoo-in. There is nothing about being a good influence, or the person who nominated The Doors for inclusion should be fired.

Shocking to think that Amanda and I can agree on ANYTHING, but, there you go. There may be hope for the republic yet (even if I have been banned from the joint. Oh well. I believe I’ll be losing about .0000345 seconds of sleep over THAT. It’s like being banned from the Playboy Club. There are some places where it’s a good thing to be on their fertilizer list).

Meanwhile, over at Science is the Ultimate Belief Pharyngula, PZ links to an interesting article that asks the following question: Should an organization soliciting funds to fight breast cancer (a noble pursuit, to be sure) consider asking the local Hooter’s “restaurant” to participate?

I’ve written on the politics of breasts -so to speak- once before. Regarding this issue, my first reaction is that if one can get Hooters to give money without exercising any of their well-known, galactically bad taste on the ad campaign, I say go for it.

But then I may be missing something that women are more in tune with.




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