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A quick review of foolishness: August 11, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy.

Wow.  Leave for two days, and the craziness continues to afflict the Left.  Virtually no commentary on the thwarted terrorist attack (tho’ Pandagon did manage to make America look bad even in their comment.  Not even kos said anything).  Some samples:

Just one more sign that this “Christian” revival is inherently pornographic. It’s not enough to have a man’s kids and name them after him as if he did any hard work in making them, now you also have to act like every minute of caring for them is bliss like never before. Fundie motherhood is a decades long faked orgasm.  (link)

I bring up the unfortunate Duggar family, because in that thread I noted that the use of the religious cover story (which exists in America mainly to deflect criticism) that’s risen in recent years that says that god wants women to be constantly pregnant whether those women like it or not has a twofold purpose.

Michelle Duggar is the patriarchal ideal; she was rendered incapable of resisting or leaving many children ago (Mandatory caveat: We are officially to say that we believe Duggar when she swears she loves it.) if she wanted to, since she has just too much child-baggage to do anything for herself.

It’s not a coincidence that the very same people that are voting against reproductive rights are enthusiastically supporting war in the Middle East. If you think it’s paranoid to suggest that killing Muslims while seeking ways to increase the reproductive rates of American Christians has a genocidal bent, I will point out that conservatives don’t even try to hide this fact. (WHAT??? Yeah, you ARE paranoid)

And finally, the piece de resistance:

The genocidal impulse that drives the anti-choice philosophy is evident in the constant fantasizing out loud by anti-choicers about how they’ll eventually beat liberals as we are “killing ourselves off”. (link)

Meanwhile, PastorDan advocates for continued “dialogue” with the culture that is committed to our destruction. 

How long, oh Lord, how long?  Where will it end?



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