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On the other hand. . . August 11, 2006

Posted by Administrator in history, Politics.

. . .there is this great article from the UK that perhaps has one of the best viewpoints on American sensibilities -as an overall culture- than any I have read in years.

However, if the weak-kneed Left has its final way in the US (this article gives me renewed faith that in the end, it can’t) then something truly great, not just for America, but for mankind, will have been lost.

Key quote is in the conclusion:

when the Americans speak of freedom, we should not imagine, in our cynical and worldly-wise way, that they are merely using that word as a cloak for realpolitik. They are not above realpolitik, but they also mean what they say.

These formidable people think freedom is so valuable that it is worth dying for.



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