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Simmons does it again. August 16, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Sports.

I mean, really.  He keeps this up, I’ll have to have a category just for quotes from him.  And this is mostly a POLITICAL blog,  I now see.

Anyway, he ran down likely World Series champs, and he had me rolling on the floor.

Again.  The man is amazing.  And very insightful, as well.  I frankly have not ever seen that combination before.

Here’s a sample, talking about Vlad Guerrero for the Los Angeles/California/Anaheim/DisneyLand Angels:

One more note: Remember my bit about how Josh Smith and Andrei Kirilenko are the two NBA players who are 10 times more exciting to see in person than on TV? Vlad is the baseball version of that — he crushes the living bejeezus out of everything, limps around in the outfield like Redd Foxx and still has that cannon arm. In Monday’s Yanks-Angels game, he misjudged a 300-foot sac fly, didn’t get his feet set for the throw and somehow still uncorked a laser beam that nearly nailed a mortified Johnny Damon. Seriously, is there anyone quite like Vlad Guerrero? For the third straight year, I’d like to profusely thank George Steinbrenner for overruling his baseball people and signing Sheffield over Vlad. Phew.

I could not get past the bold print.  I was laughing too hard.



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