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Kos now styles himself as a de facto entomologist and expert on global warming August 23, 2006

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OK, follow closely on this one.

Kos himself posts his daily linkfest of Lefty Loonacy.

He states the following in the linkfest:

Holy crap is this amazing. Global warming brings us giant yellowjacket nests. Who needs sci-fi anymore?

Note the statement, “. . .Global warming brings us giant yellowjacket nests” It plays in later on.

The original link proves to be yet another KosLink. It concludes:

The article doesn’t mention it specifically, but against the above quote, it’s certainly the elephant in the room. Mild winters? Drought conditions? No winter freeze?

Welcome to a particularly creepy footnote in that inconvenient truth we keep hearing about…

But, here was what was actually said in the Montgomery (Ala) Advertiser:

Specialists say it could be the result of a mild winter and drought conditions, or multiple queens forcing worker yellow jackets to enlarge their quarters so the queens will be in separate areas… Without a cold winter to kill them this year, the yellow jackets continued feeding in January and February — and layering their nests

Do YOU see the statement, “Global warming causes massive hornet nests?”  Or even the less responsible yet commonly intoned “There is a consensus of scientists that believe these monster nests are caused by global waming?”  I don’t.  Here’s the actual Advertiser link.  See if you can find that verbiage.  I can’t.  The article BEGINS with:

To the bafflement of insect experts. . .

They have no idea.

Yet Odum sets himself up as a correlative expert and says this appears to be caused by global warming, then Kos picks up the ball and declares these huge nests ARE caused by global warming.

And millions of Kossacks read this irresponsible twaddle, nod their heads and say, “See? It’s for real.” And the global warming possibility/potential becomes still more entrenched reality in the eyes of Kossacks and all who follow that line of thought.
For the 235,567,890,123rd time: Correlation does not prove causation.

Could we please have some responsible blogging, for once?



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