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Jason Whitlock is one of the smartest columnists out there August 24, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Sports.

. . .at ESPN.com.  Simmons may be the funniest, Scoop Jackson the most race-baiting, but Whitlock is the most sensible and insightful.

And whaddaya know?  He also happens to be black.



1. Scott - September 12, 2006

Where is Jason going to go to work after betting his career that Texas would beat Ohio State. He was 99.9% sure of his prediction. WRONG!!! Just another Big Ten basher he is. Jason Whitlock and Mark May, two reporters the Big Ten could do without.

2. demolition65 - September 12, 2006

Oh c’mon. Just because he made a prediction that doesn’t come true? I didn’t say he was a crystal ball gazer, I simply said that he is SMART, and his failure to pick the Buckeyes doesn’t change that.

3. Scott - September 12, 2006

It was his prediction not mine. By the way I’m a die-hard Tennessee fan, but I could predict an OSU victory. Predict the game based on fact not the lack of respect for a conference, that would be the SMART thing to do.

4. demolition65 - September 12, 2006

I know it was his prediction. Predicting a game based on fact, if possible, would make for millions of wealthy bettors. The games are played on the field, not on paper.

This is not a measure of smarts, but of betting acumen.

5. scott - September 12, 2006

Fair enough, however the game is not played in the studio. The smart fan wouldn’t bet on sports anyway.

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