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De-Constructing Spike Lee September 3, 2006

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Honestly, I’ve never had a whole lot of use for the man. I’ve seen She’s Gotta Have It (in a theater full of African-Americans. Quite an experience. . .and very funny. Both the film and the filmgoers) and Malcolm X. While both were entertaining, I caught a strong whiff of Afrocentric enablment going on. . .the old saw about how whitey is oppressing the black man. I’m not interested in engaging the topic, so I have more or less avoided Lee ever since.

I became freshly suspicious when I saw repeated ads for his new documentary When the Levees Broke on kos. (The ads are now gone)

Star Parker of Urbancure.org has pulled the covers off of Lee’s mendacity.

Spike Lee took his cameras and crew to New Orleans to film a documentary about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. The four-hour production, which aired on HBO, is, unfortunately, about as destructive as was the disaster it depicts.


It’s clear that Lee did not go to Louisiana in search of truth. He went to Louisiana to carefully construct a documentary that would support the conclusion he had already reached. That conclusion: poor blacks suffered and died as result of the indifference of a detached and racist Bush administration in general and President Bush in particular.

Naturally. Why else would kos advertise it? The narrative that Bush is Evil must continue at all costs.

The film commits egregious journalistic sins of commission and omission, carefully selecting and editing footage to indict Bush, including only commentators who support the conclusions that Lee had already reached, and selectively omitting reams of information relevant to the complex truth of what actually happened.

Par for the course in radical liberal discourse.


It also was of little interest to Lee that primary responsibility for disaster preparation and management is at the level of local and state government, not federal.

But New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin comes off in the production as just one cool dude. He shows up at regular intervals over the four-hour production, talking New Orleans jive and being one straightforward sincere guy who was trying to do his job.

This has got to be one of the greatest farces in American politics. How Nagin even got re-elected is a tragedy in itself, but no one is holding his feet to the fire in his utter and complete failure to take of what in the end was his problem. New Orleans is not run by the President of the United States. It is run by the Mayor of N.O.

(snip)It was Louisiana’s congressional delegation that was responsible to ensure that their constituents’ interests were being represented and that funds were being appropriated to fix sub-standard levees. But not a single Louisiana senator or congressman is ever mentioned or appears in “When the Levees Broke.”

William Jefferson, New Orleans’ congressman for the last 16 years, has been under FBI investigation over the last year under bribery charges. However, Jefferson is a Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. To shine a light on his possible, and likely, neglect of representing his constituents’ interests would have distracted from the single message that Bush was the evil genius behind this tragedy.

Of course, no mention is made of Jefferson’s trip home, when he commandeered a National Guard truck in the middle of rescue efforts to take him to his house to retrieve personal property.

Of course not. Jefferson was doing everything he could, while that evil whitey Bush did nothing.


Perhaps most sad is that in four hours Lee has nothing positive to say about America and Americans. No mention is made of the $700 million from private citizens and churches that were committed in the first few days of the tragedy. No mention is made of the thousands of homes across the nation that welcomed evacuees. No mention is made of the tens of thousands who have successfully rebuilt their lives.

Spike Lee clearly has little affection for the country that gives him free expression and has made him wealthy. He has produced a self-indulgent, deceitful and exploitive film about a tragedy. His message will give poor blacks more reasons to feel powerless, to feel lost, to feel that others bear responsibility for their lives, to hate, and to stay poor.

Sigh. I guess it is just sadly predictable that Lee is just like every other agitprop Democrat in this country: Blinded by the Blight.



1. robertne - September 3, 2006

You go Man! I’m as disgusted as the next person over how the aftermath of Katrina(and Rita) has been handled. But there is more than enough blame to go around from local, state, and federal officals who either hadn’t planned, didn’t execute the plan for an emergency, or choose to play the race card.

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