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Jeffrey Loria is an Idiot September 22, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Sports.

The owner of the Florida Marlins simply does not know how to deal with success. He keeps getting wonderful treasures handed to him on a silver platter, and he keeps heaving those treasures out the window. And then the platter becomes unrecoverably tarnished.
In 1999, he managed to buy 24% of the Montreal Expos. Through some shady dealing, he manages to quickly gain another 70% of the team, then manages to sell the Expos to MLB (racketeering, anyone?) and buys the Florida Marlins.

In a suit filed by minority Expo owners, they claimed:

that (Loria) effectively destroyed the economic viability of baseball in Montreal (that) included removing the Expos from local television, subverting well-developed plans for a new baseball stadium in downtown Montreal, purposefully alienating Expos’ sponsors and investors, abandoning agreed-upon financial plans for the franchise, and undermining a planned recapitalization of the franchise that would have added new Canadian partners.”

That’s Treasure #1 out the window, and silver platter made toast.

In 2003, led by the crusty Jack McKeon, the Marlins -against all expectations- toast the Evil Empire and win the World Series. It is quite possibly the match-up of the two most-loathed owners in MLB meeting for the Series. The only way this could have been topped is if Oriole owner Peter Angelos and Steinbrenner met, but as both are in the AL, this is impossible.

Never one to not look a gift horse in the mouth, Loria promptly sold off the nucleus of the team, and started lobbying for a new stadium.

That would be Treasure #2 out the window. The silver platter still is working. For the moment.

Now, fast forward to today. Jack McKeon, disgusted with Loria’s insane ownership style, quits and Loria hires Joe Girardi, who has never managed before, to steer the Marlin boat fully onto the shoals, so Loria can finish the job of completely alienating the South Florida market by watching the team go down in a ball of fire with untested rookies.

But here’s the funny thing; Girardi has the team in contention for a wild card spot.

Loria’s reaction? to publicly argue with Girardi, refuse to give him a vote of confidence and leak information that the likely NL Manager of the Year will be out of a job at the end of the season.

I don’t care what Girardi’s people skills are like, or that he occasionally pulls a Grady Little on the field. The man is a miracle worker in getting the Marlins as far as he has, and if Loria lets him go, that would be Treasure #3 out the window, and I don’t think anyone will give the clueless idiot a new silver platter to work with.

Let’s just turn the country over to Kos and Loria. That should be REALLY interesting to watch.

From a great distance.

Like maybe, Auckland, New Zealand.



1. Tommy Robertson - October 3, 2006

I agree. Loria is obviously a man who is unable to listen to anything but his own opinion. What Girardi did with the Marlins this season was phenomenal and the players will probably be affected by watching a manager they played well for be fired because he dared to ask the owner to stop berating the umpire, something they are taught not to do. I am an Atlanta native and Braves fan so I have mixed emotions on this. Freddie Gonzalez is a good man and will be a good manager, On the other hand I hate to see him go and he will probably be a formidable foe.

2. demolition65 - October 3, 2006

God, what an imbecile. Even if it was predictable. God’s sake, even Steinbrenner has brains enough to keep a manager that’s winning, which Girardi clearly was doing.

3. kevin - October 3, 2006

exactly. loria is one of the worst managers in all of professional sports. i am a florida marlins fan and have continued to support the team through the years even as loria continually alienates the fans, while fattening his pocketbook. i was optimistic about the future of the ball club (who predicted the team would play meaningful games in september?) but this brilliant move on lorias part may be the last straw..

4. demolition65 - October 3, 2006

I simply cannot see how he can ever hope to build a season-ticket base or any postive community PR -ANYWHERE- after watching him make a total hash of things first in Montreal, and then in Miami.

He’s a menace as much to himself as he is to any baseball team he is ever to own. Baseball needs to get rid of him.

They should have gotten rid of him in Montreal. It almost makes you wonder if he has some dirt on Bud Selig.

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