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Whitlock gets sacked. . . September 27, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Sports.

and then my traffic went WAYYY UP

. . .and near as I can figure it’s because of this post, where I devote all of three lines to extolling the virtues of Jason Whitlock as a sports columnist.

I am mystified as to the sudden popularity of this very small post. Does anyone have any idea if Whitlock said anything momentous today? I can’t find anything.

Yes, I can. I have it now. ESPN dumped him because he was critical of Mike Lupica and -notably- Scoop Jackson.

You can read Whitlock’s own take on this situation here.

So, in essence, he was dumped because he wouldn’t keep his comments about Jackson (probably well-deserved) on the reservation.

This is really too bad. Whitlock is -I’ll say it again- one of the smartest, most insightful columnists out there.

UPDATE: More at the biglead.com. In particular, check here for the Q&A where Whitlock tees off, and for the post where biglead takes credit for Whitlock getting sacked.



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