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Random thoughts. . . October 10, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Liberal Hypocrisy, Politics, Sports, Stupid Party vs Evil Party.

. . .so that the wretched Picture From Hell (down below) might be pushed farther Down Below. . .so to speak. . .where it belongs. . .to FURTHER speak.

I haven’t been blogging much, because there are these things called WORK and FAMILY that keep getting in the way of the BLOGGING!!!

Anyway, random thoughts include:

  • The increasing certainty that the GOP is going to get its ass kicked next month
  • And I’m not terribly heartbroken about that, except
  • That the alternative looks no better and in fact is in many ways significantly WORSE: For example, if the best an opposition party can muster during a period of economic expansion is “Bush Sucks” and “We can do better” without telling us exactly what better is and how your “plan” might work (note to Jackasses: See “Contract With America”, ca. 1994 AD for a cogent example of a “plan”), well, that’s really no better than the kindergartners fighting over the prime toy in the sandbox, crying “He’s had it long enough. IT’S MY TURN!!!”
  • I’ve been doing a pretty good turn predicting sports results recently. Picked Detroit over the Yankees. (Check. And with much satisfaction). Picked the Bears over the Seahawks. (Check). Picked my high school team to lose when favored two weeks ago, and to win when the underdog last week, and was right both times. In fact, I am 23-2 in predicting local HS football these past two weeks.
  • No one cares about the above, as no one (including myself) bets on my predictions. . .but it feels good all the same.
  • I will be very happy when Thanksgiving break arrives. I am tired of work just now.

Finally, here is a picture with no relevance whatsoever, save that it hastens the demise of the wretched Myers/Franken horror show from down below.



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