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So, now the KosKids endorse the exploitation of Marty McFly October 21, 2006

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At this link, you will find a very disturbing and painful video of Parkinson’s victim Michael J. Fox, stumping for Missouri Senatorial candidate Claire McCaskill. She is one who is willing to expand research into embryonic stem-cell research in hopes of finding cures for chronic, painful diseases such as theParkinson’s Disease that Mr. Fox suffers from so tragically.

Fox, given his illness, is probably not to be blamed for the making of this video. I cannot imagine the frustration with his increasingly debilitated condition, nor his rage at what he perceives to be the deliberate desire to keep him sick.

But no one wishes for Marty McFly to be sick. Just like no one in this country would wish for their fighter pilots to die unnecessarily in extremes of low pressure and bone-cracking cold.

But they WOULD object to studies being done -to humans- to determine the absolute limits of humans in those conditions. Such as forcing human subjects to spend the night outdoors, in sub-zero conditions, without clothing, and being subject to repeated dousings with cold water to simulate ditching conditions in the North Atlantic.

It would not be the issue of who would benefit from the studies that would appall putatively objective observers. What would offend them would be the callous and inhumane treatment of the experimental subjects; observers would cry -with justified outrage- that to strip the inherent dignity of the human person for the sake of scientific progress is morally reprehensible.

And these studies have been done. By the Nazis, of course.

Just like torture.

And in both cases, the observers would be both ethically and morally correct.

But the modern -or post-modern- observers turns this logic on its head in defense of embryonic stem-cell research. There, the dignity of the human person is routinely denied -even as ever having existed– in the name of the furtherance of science so that Marty McFly might be able to sit still and hold a conversation without looking like a speed freak with a speech disorder.

In the end, I cannot blame Fox for making this sordid and repulsive video. And the source of its repulsion is not the sight of Fox himself. That alone evokes sympathy -or at least empathy- and fills one with a sense of tragedy.

What is repulsive is the tag line:

I’m Claire McCaskill, and I approved this message.

McCaskill has no problem with the exploitation of the wounded and sick, so that the slaughter of innocents may continue unabated. Her position is one of evil, and it must not be allowed in the halls of public decision making.

McCaskill herself is not evil, but she has endorsed the creation of one of the most evil campaign images I ever hope to see in the seemingly ever-increasing squalor that is American public debate.

I do not like voting Republican. But with messages such as these, I simply CANNOT vote Democratic.

And as for the berserk Pandagonites that would dare to use this post to suggest that this is all part of. . .

(A conspiracy that leads Christians to). . . spout. . . the exact same empty platitudes about abortion and Teh Gheyz, then the reason is that red staters are under a non-stop, top-down, pseudo-Christian propaganda blitz that preys on people’s. . .anxieties. . . (link)

Yeah, Mandy, it’s a conspiracy, all right. Led from the top down. The problem is, the top in this case is the teachings of a creature much greater than you or me. The difference between the two of us is that I at least try to understand and follow what He is saying. You deliberately ignore Him.

You and McCaskill are certainly free to continue to do so. At the peril of more than your lives. Your souls.

God have mercy on this country. Cause God also knows that if I were in charge. . .I’d be far less patient.

More of that good, ol’ time, downhome Missouri mudslinging. . .

UPDATE:  The Anchoress, as usual, has her finger on the pulse of this sordid nonsense.



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