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65 years ago today. . . December 7, 2006

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The top photo shows a tinted picture of the USS Arizona, her forward magazine having exploded, enroute to killing or entombing over 1100 of her sailors, with her superstructure keeling over prior to her final settlement in the Pearl Harbor mud.

The black and white photo is of the USS Shaw, as her own forward magazine detonates while she was in drydock.

Below is an image of the Shaw after her refit in 1942, setting out to take her vengeance on the Japanese Navy.

Below we have a picture of the capsized USS Oklahoma. The blades of her propeller can be clearly seen, despite the small image. (The USS West Virginia was about to suffer a similar fate as the Oklahoma, as she was taking in great volumes of water on her starboard side, but her captain wisely ordered that she be counterflooded. Her port side was opened to the water, and she then settledupright into the Pearl Harbor mud. This presented an added problem in that the West Virginia was dual docked with the Tennessee. West Virginia’s controlled sinking left the relatively undamaged Tennessee pinned to the Pearl dock, unable to put to sea.)

Subsequent picture show Okalahoma being righted in 1943:

And a picture of her refloated hull in 1946. She has been stripped of her guns and materiel, so that she can be towed to a shipbreaker on the mainland to be broken up for scrap. Enroute to the breakers, she broke her tow line and sank in a storm in 1946.

65 years ago, what amounts to a sneak attack on our Pacific Fleet left our West Coast virtually defenseless. A day that lived in infamy.

Never forget.

A great roundup can be found at RightWingNutHouse.



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