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Priorities December 8, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Death and Dying, Family, Personal.

dKos. Pharyngula. Democrats v Republicans. Global warming. Michael Moore. Lesson plans. Corrections. Office politics. Atheism.

None of these matter when your priorities get tightly focused.

My dad is dying. 3-6 months, they apparently are saying.

Here are some more worthy topics:






Death and dying.


Stay tuned. If I can keep myself together, there may be some intersting material posted here. As usual though, I am posting for my own spleen. But for once folks might get a peek into the working of grief.

Big things. Like death.

Little things, like how grief can sneak up on you in the form of tears while biking to work in the morning. Cold weather always brings tears when on a bike.

But isn’t it funny that there was so much MORE water on my cheeks this morning?



1. The Village Idiot - December 10, 2006

C.S. Lewis wrote a whole book on grief/dying/dealing with loss. I doubt he is the only one who has anything to say about it, nor is he the only one who can articulate it intelligently. There is nothing we can do about suffering but suffer it sometimes. And thats when its great to be a Catholic. Suffering is Salvific.

“No one ever told me grief felt so much like fear.” Lewis A Grief Observed”

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