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AI’s trade to Denver is not a good choice for him December 19, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Sports.

Philly finally offloaded the talented but troubled Iverson to the Denver Nuggets, just in time for the Nuggets to fill the 15 game void provided by the suspension of Carmelo Anthony.

This is not the best placement for Iverson, in any way.   He needed the following two conditions to be truly successful:

  1. A coach that can live with his notoriously lax attitudes regarding practice, and
  2. A fellow player who not only is willing to share the ball but can also reign in Iverson’s me-first arrogance; the same arrogance that has both invigorated the Sixers and in the end ruined them for this season.

Regarding #1, George Karl is a very bad fit for Iverson.  He regularly punishes players who do not hew to his team-first method of coaching.  This is not going to turn out well.

Secondly, Anthony is much too young to serve as a proper accomplice for Iverson, and I see Anthony being damaged by AI’s notably thuggish attitude.

The best place for AI would have been Minnesota.  There, playing with the passionate, selfless -but also intolerant of bullshit- Kevin Garnett, Iverson would have not only blossomed, but likely helped lead that troubled franchise to its first playoff victory.

Think about it; AI and KG working together?  The Timberwolves would run riot in the West.  No one could stop them.

Sadly, worse-than-no management by Kevin McHale has essentially ruined the T-Wolves, and condemned Garnett to a career of playing for mediocre teams, becoming the NBA equivalent of Ryne Sandberg.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how AI responds to Karl’s first benching of him for blowing off practice.



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