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Some good news on the Global Warming Hysteria front? January 2, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Global Warming.

via Blue Crab Boulevard:

Is there warming? Sure. Is it a global catastrophe? The jury is very definitely out on that despite what you hear from the Algore legions. Is it something we should be at least concerned about? I’ll grant that it probably is worth trying to make sure that mankind is not adding to the problem. There are things we can – and should – do to cut carbon emissions. Not out of hysterical belief in a doomsday scenario, but out of simple pragmatism. Some of those things will fly directly into the face of other environmental catastrophe scenarios, however. (We should be pushing like heck for much more nuclear power.)

And his quote from a NYTimes article:

A third stance is now emerging, espoused by many experts who challenge both poles of the debate.

They agree that accumulating carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping smokestack and tailpipe gases probably pose a momentous environmental challenge, but say the appropriate response is more akin to buying fire insurance and installing sprinklers and new wiring in an old, irreplaceable house (the home planet) than to fighting a fire already raging.

“Climate change presents a very real risk,” said Carl Wunsch, a climate and oceans expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It seems worth a very large premium to insure ourselves against the most catastrophic scenarios. Denying the risk seems utterly stupid. Claiming we can calculate the probabilities with any degree of skill seems equally stupid.

Many in this camp seek a policy of reducing vulnerability to all climate extremes while building public support for a sustained shift to nonpolluting energy sources.

They have made their voices heard in Web logs, news media interviews and at least one statement from a large scientific group, the World Meteorological Organization. In early December, that group posted a statement written by a committee consisting of most of the climatologists assessing whether warming seas have affected hurricanes.

The bold text is particularly intelligent. . .and I hope, telling of a sea change towards COMMON SENSE in this debate.



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