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Berserkness January 18, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Family, Personal.

The vacillations in human behavior continue to astound.

Sometime yesterday, a person very near and dear to my heart asked to speak to me, and, in response to what I thought was really a rather innocuous observation I had made just previously, then proceeded to rant at the top of her voice, screaming, stomping and crying, smacking herself on the thigh and slapping herself on the forehead, that another person in her household was driving her to drink, said person being unbelievably callous and cruel, and how she had bent over backwards to accommodate this person, and all she was getting was beaten in return. I’ve known this person for over twenty years, and have never seen her this overwrought.
She went on in this vein for close to ten minutes.  I quickly came to the conclusion that my best course of action was simply to wait the storm out rather than venture out against it, so I just sat by and followed my own interior advice.

She finally calmed down to the point where she could ask me why I was “taking the other person’s side.”  I responded that she was misunderstanding what I had said.

She then retorted that I was being a martyr in making such a claim.

“Martyr?” I replied, throwing caution to the wind and daring the storm to smite me down.  “You have been stomping around here, beating yourself silly claiming that you are being treated like trash, throwing the worst tantrum I have seen you ever throw, and then I simply suggest that you may have misunderstood what I had said, and you are calling me a martyr??

Trembling in fear of a renewed outbreak of rage, instead I was greeted with a twitch of the lips, and my dear proceeded to put her head down and laugh it off, choosing to see the irony I had pointed out to her.   And from that point we were able to rationally contend with the source of her angst.  I believe the problem is on the way to being solved.

I understand that the above scenario will see more than a trifle obscure to any readership I might have, because I am leaving numerous supporting details out.  There is a good reason for this:  I don’t want to provide the details.

My point in writing the above is that any of us, from the strongest to the most reasonable, can at any point, suddenly come under such sudden and unexpected pressure that our reason flees us, and we may be momentarily reduced to the level of beasts.  It is fascinating to watch, though, how we can recover our reason just as quickly as we may have lost it.  The spark of reason is said in some circles to be divine.  I have little doubt that it is the Divine that at least provides the spark.



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