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Anchoress nails the heart of Catholic appeal January 26, 2007

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Welcome Anchoress readers.  Please feel free to look around my little Nothing site.

Stumbled on this outstanding quote from one of the Anchoress’s recent re-posts. . .and it is stellar.

Catholicism is a religion that is best suited to young children and mostly-mature adults. Young children “get” the possibilities of the supernatural. They “get” mysticism and. They “get” that “God is everywhere,” and that bread and wine may be changed, materially, into Flesh and Blood. While a little one may occasionally be heard in chuch singing “happy birthday to you,” when she sees an altar server light the candles, children understand the hush and wonder of the mass, particularly if they are in an older church – one that still has stained glass windows and statues for them to contemplate while the gist of the mass goes over their heads. (People forget how instructive and useful those windows are, but that’s another post) Young and more seasoned adults “get” Catholicism when they have reached the understanding that everything is not about them – that there are things greater than themselves.

This is why Catholicism is worst suited to adolescents and teenagers
– whether the temporary ones or the perpetual ones. When the world is all about your pleasure, your nails, your car, your finances, your boyfriend, your cellphone and your angst, it’s tough to focus on something intangible which involves allowing oneself to be vulnerable and wrong, and which also involves some pursuit. When you are not accustomed to hearing the word “no,” Catholicism can seem like The Church of No. When taking responsibility for your bad choices and mistakes is foreign to you, well the idea of “sin” and “confession” all seems so quaintly unnecessary. And we cannot forget that the church herself – and some of her reps – is often too slow to deal with her own faults and mistakes.

Yah. Perpetual adolescents. Like PZ Myers and -when we get into these arguments- GodofBiscuits. Outstanding.



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[…] here. I’ve suspected for a long time that wonder and mystery are best appreciated by the very young and the fully grown up. Adolescents, and the adolescent-minded have difficulty taking the focus off themselves long enough […]

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