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I MUST sign up for the Atheist Materialist Conspiracy. . . January 29, 2007

Posted by Administrator in atheism, Idiots, Mechanistic Relativism.

. . .I’ve NEVER SEEN a more compelling argument.  I mean, Christianity might as well fold up its tent and go home now.

Let’s flaunt Jane Fonda and John Phillip Law, let’s disrespect religion, let’s give gay men and women some dignity, let’s just do everything to make the other side gnash their teeth and tear at their beards and rend their garments…because we’re so much better.

More verbal diarrhea from the Internet’s resident cholera-of-the-brain victim, PZ Myers.

The phrase in bold is just teeming with irony.  Granted, Myers is attempting to be ironic in making such a statement.  He would claim that he never makes ad hominem arguments.  But therein lies the deeper irony: His arguments against religion are either deeply flawed, fallacious straw-man errors or outright ad-him claims/attacks.  Basically, his argument in favor of unbridled atheistic nihilism is simply what he wrote above; “because we’re so much better.”  This really is the best he can do.  And he couches it as irony.
And he’ll keep sitting there in dumbfounded bemusement as hordes of American sensibilities continue to disregard his out-there ravings.

Notice I don’t provide a link.  Frankly, I’m too lazy and nauseated.  I simply don’t want to visit his sad little site again to copy-and-paste his address.  It’s Pharyngula, if anyone is really interested.



1. Floroskop - March 19, 2008

I think this try.

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