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John Edwards shoots himself in the foot. . . February 1, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Idiots, Pandamansanity, Politics.

. . .by hiring, of all possible people, the deranged, strident, serially illogical Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon to run his presidential blog.

If Edwards was hoping to establish himself as a centrist-sort of candidate, he can kiss that way goodbye. Marcotte is not only deranged, but incapable of providing coherent, logical arguments. The only thing we happen to agree on is that the Doors are the Worst Band Ever. And this has forced me to reconsider that perhaps Jim Morrison has something going for him in pissing off Miss Marcotte so thoroughly. Then again, she’s pissed off at everything, so maybe that’s no big deal.

You can get a start on the blogosphere’s reaction to this appointment by visiting Jeff Goldstein over at Protein Wisdom.

Oh, and the yarkking little microwave mutt of Materialistic Atheism, PZ Myers, loves the idea of Marcotte’s appointment. There’s a big surprise.



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