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Amanda Marcotte drawing all kinds of fire for the Edwards campaign February 7, 2007

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This whole kerfuffle has my absolutely shivering with schadenfreude.

CNN reports on the Catholic League bashing the hapless Ms. Marcotte.

Though the tagline at the top of the article is disingenuous.

Bloggers recently hired by Edwards criticized pope, Catholic Church”

“Criticized” my blue ass. “Criticism” denotes a preceding level of knowledge. She wasn’t criticizing. It was an ignorant, hatefilled rant. (I already responded to it here.)

At any rate, even Salon is reporting that Marcotte and her fellow blogger Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare’s Sister have been sacked from the Edwards campaign.

Raving biological idiot PZ Myers thinks this a bad thing (big surprise).

On the other hand, Rick Moran shares in my decidedly un-Christian but oh-so-satisfying glee at seeing Marcotte twist in the wind.

Ridiculously, even my traffic is up over this silliness.

Updates as events warrant. Because this is simply too much fun to ignore.

See this link for first impressions.

UPDATE: The Anchoress provides her usual lucid, intelligent read on things. When I grow up, I want to write like her.

More links:  Webloggin‘,  The Political PitBull, The Kathryn Jean Lopez article from NRO that started me on this, the Terry Moran article that has the NetNuts up in arms.



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