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Edwards NOT firing Marcotte and Co. February 8, 2007

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John Edwards personally announces that Amanda’s job is safe.

LINK, via SisterToldjah
Key quote:

I’ve talked to Amanda and Melissa; they have both assured me that it was never their intention to malign anyone’s faith, and I take them at their word.

This is nothing about Edwards caving to the NetNuts, though that might be the case.

This is nothing about Edwards making a firm stand against the Right, though that might be the case.

This is just mindless, self-serving pablum. Big Daddy sat his two erring girls down and, in the finest liberal tradition, asks: “You didn’t reallllly mean to get drunk/have sex/plagiarize that paper, now did you?” And the girls look up at him with googly eyes and whisper, “No, Daddy, honest!! We never meant for that to happen.”

And so Big Daddy, not really wanting to punish his manipulative little offspring, lets them off the hook.

I submit to you that this scenario says more about Big Daddy than it does about his manipulative daughters.

That said, Rick Moran, the Anchoress and Sister Toldjah have all suggested that Edwards keep these two on board. . .and in all honesty, I don’t care what he does. These three excellent bloggers all have a valid point that I won’t disagree with. To the extent that Edwards is willing to look the other way, and disingenuously buy the twaddle that Amanda and Melissa are feeding him says more than needs be written about his fitness to govern. But that’s his problem, not mine.

I have no issue with Melissa, as I’ve read virtually none of her stuff. I get concerned in that she is tarred with the same brush as Amanda, and has done nothing I can see to distance herself from Amanda, save to say that she voted for a Catholic in the last election, and she went to Loyola.

Voting for a CINO, blue-blood deadbeat like Kerry after having attended a CINO Jesuit university and claiming this is proof of liking Catholics is akin to my attending the YearlyKos as a press observer and claiming I have nothing against the Netnuts. But nevermind Melissa.

Amanda is flat out lying when she says. . “that it was never (her) intention to malign anyone’s faith.”

Whatever. Read this post and decide for yourself. She lied to Edwards, who wanted to be lied to, and he then bought it, so she could keep her job and climb dat ol’ political ladder., and possibly so he can look like something less than a spineless jellyfish to the NetNuts, whose self-righteousness is so vast, they make Torquemada look like a simpering Goodwife in the face of a chronic abuser. Good luck to all of them.

UPDATE: Amanda’s attempt to back-and-fill.

My writings on my personal blog Pandagon on the issue of religion are generally satirical in nature and always intended strictly as a criticism of public policies and politics. My intention is never to offend anyone for his or her personal beliefs, and I am sorry if anyone was personally offended by writings meant only as criticisms of public politics. Freedom of religion and freedom of expression are central rights, and the sum of my personal writings is a testament to this fact.



In psych, we call this a “rationalization.”

Question: “How did those drugs end up in your pocket?”

Rationalization: “These? I guess my best friend left them there when he borrowed my jacket.”

Retort: “You OWN the jacket. You’re wearing it.”

What horsefeathers, but it is in keeping with her character.

UPDATE II:  Goldstein at Protein Wisdom and I sound kinda alike. . though he uses his vocab better than I do.

Of course it was her intent.  Just as it was McEwan’s intent.  And worst of all, Edwards knows it. That he has pretended to take the two at their word, in an ostentatious gesture of “trust,” is precisley the kind of staged treacle that makes people doubt the sincerity of politicians; and that both Marcotte and McEwan have assured their own personal Patriarch that they’ll behave, now that he’s promoted them to the grownups’ table, is, to put it bluntly, one of the most pathetic public surrenderings of personal integrity I’ve ever seen.

Seriously.  We should feel bad for them.

Not me.  I’m not that charitable.

PJM has a great round-up, rational and insane, on this.



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