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On Incarceration, Drinking from the Well of Truth, and Mules February 15, 2007

Posted by Administrator in atheism, Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Education, Idiots.

Sounds like a deep if odd-sounding post? Sorry. Really, all I was doing was musing upon the following saying:

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

Due to Mark Shea’s fine ramblings.

Which then led me to the following aphorism (I know of no one else yet who has used it):

You can lead an Atheist to Truth, but you can’t make him think.”

Which if course, reminded me of my mindless adversary, Prof. Myers. I find out that I have been put in “the Dungeon” over there. Which leads to the question: In a hapless, sunken den of iniquity, is what exactly can the “dungeon” look like when said den already resembles a dungeon?

Setting that aside, I find being put in prison by the execrable estimable Dr. Myers something of a badge of honor.

Why am I there?

Being tedious, repetitive, and completely boring; putting the blogger to sleep by going on and on about the same thing all the time (said thing being the Horde’s unrelenting Christian bashing and refusal to consider rational argument), (and) Making only disparaging comments about a group; while some of this is understandable, if your only contribution is consistently “X is bad”, even in threads that aren’t about X, then you’re simply slagging, not discussing (OK, so I lost my temper in the end and started suggesting that Myers and His Horde were nothing but a bunch of caterwauling infants bellowing into an echo chamber).

What he fails to mention -he really is very good at avoiding those issues that reflect poorly upon him- is that there had been innumerable efforts at engaging genuine debate. Any effort that did not support his party line was ruthlessly shouted down by Myers and his sycophantic horde, sometimes through name-calling and much more commonly through ad hominem argument. I got tired of repeating myself, so I started getting snarky.

It is amusing, though to read the list of reasons people might get banned from Pharyngula. With the exception of spamming, virtually all of the reasons for banishment can easily be interpreted to mean people who dare to post against the Pharyngulist party line.

Meanwhile, I don’t know whether or not to be offended or secretly pleased that he uses less invective in describing me than any other of his Dungeon dwellers.

Oh well. There are some places where it is a good thing to be on the PNG list.

My only real fear is that this clown is a teacher, and is affecting young minds in Minnesota.

Then again, it is Minnesota, and the odds are quite good that the old Scandinavian Protestant low-bullshit threshold will maintain its course and limit the little mule’s impact.

UPDATE: I can’t imagine why, but Myers the Berserk included a link for this site in his commentary upon me in his dungeon.

And so members of his cute little Sycophantic Horde have been stopping by for a peek.

ATTENTION HORDE MEMBERS: Please feel free to look around and, once you’ve convinced yourselves of your superiority, return to Your Master to bask in the glow of deluded self-righteousness.

Good luck with that.



1. Dana - February 16, 2007

Your post reminded me of this little robot I just met. He is fun to talk to and seems like a few people I have tried to talk to.

2. demolition65 - February 16, 2007

Funny, I had just been considering a post extolling the virtues of your site, and here you are!!! With a link to a VERY FUNNY bot that requires its own post. Thanks, Dana!!

3. Dana - February 16, 2007

Thanks for stopping by…I was thinking about you the other day, but couldn’t remember your link or how I got here in the first place. Then I saw you in my statcounter and thought I’d better save the link while I had it!

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