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Another Ph.D climatologist sounds off on the idiocy of Consensus Global Warming February 19, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Global Warming.

His name is Dr. Tim Ball.  Check it.



1. JC - February 23, 2007

You wanna hear a good one about Ball? According to one of the guys who lives in the same condo building as Ball, there was a decision made that each resident was to pay $5000 to fix a minor leakage problem in the building.

Ball went around talking to all the residents telling them that the damage wasn’t as bad as people thought and listen to him because he knew all about building envelopes.

When it came to the vote, Ball convinced enough people that the decision failed and Ball won. Nothing was done and the damage that could have been stopped in the short term, was put off.

Fast forward two years to the punchline:

Since the initial damage was never fixed because Ball denied the reality of the leaking building, even though experts in the field were saying they should be concerned (sound familiar), the problem went from a little one to a MASSIVE one and now everyone in the building is facing $100,000 each to repair the damage. I’m not making this up, heard it straight from one his neighbors, who obviously hate Balls’ guts.

If you don’t believe me, ask Ball himself: timothyball@shaw.ca

2. demolition65 - February 24, 2007

Fine. What is your point? Are you hoping to smear Ball’s position by bringing this story up, which has nothing to do with global warming?

Are you making a less-than-subtle attempt to use this as an analogy for his global warming stance? Logical fallacy # 2,345: Strawman argument. Either address his argument directly if that is your issue, clarify the reason for this comment, or go away.

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