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xkcd pithily illustrates why Myers is an idiot March 30, 2007

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Myers then makes his own additions, claiming that he would use this instrument as a device of sadism (note to the humorless: YES I know he’s being silly. Yet isn’t it instructive that when Myers is silly he reverts to type? Sadism?).

But just look at the comic as posted above. The “scientist” must study the blazingly obvious. Anything that cannot be empirically confirmed is not true.

Yet, that “scientist” already knew to pull the lever means pain. Yet, in his arid, 3rd-act-of-the-mind-is-the-ONLY-way-to-the-truth cosmology, he yanks it again.

He’s an idiot for not seeing the obvious.

His name is PZ Myers.


“Conservative” vs. “Republican” March 29, 2007

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Dana over at Principled Discovery has a fine post up on this disctinction. It distills quite nicely for me why I am so vociferously opposed to the Party of the Asses, while simultaneously unattracted to the Party of the Pachyderms.

She checks herself against Russell Kirk’s “Conservative Principles.” Check yourself, and read her post to check hers:

First, the conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order.

Um, yeah. No question.

Second, the conservative adheres to custom, convention, and continuity.

Generally speaking. Though one does need to question convention to make sure it’s working for you.

Third, conservatives believe in what may be called the principle of prescription.

I would say I generally subscribe to this. As Dana says, check the article for a definition. I may sum up in a brutally simple way by stating that all the really good ideas were cooked up a long time ago, and we still follow those ideas not because our parents and forefathers did, but because they worked, and they still do.

Fourth, conservatives are guided by their principle of prudence.

Check. Though I do have a nasty instinct that makes me sometimes leap before I think.

Fifth, conservatives pay attention to the principle of variety.

Not for it’s own sake.

Sixth, conservatives are chastened by their principle of imperfectability.

Oh wow. Serious conservatives, serious Christians cannot avoid this. And I see a breathtaking lack of this humility on the Left.

Seventh, conservatives are persuaded that freedom and property are closely linked.

Boom yeah. Self-evident.

Eighth, conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.

Another “Boom yeah.”

Ninth, the conservative perceives the need for prudent restraints upon power and upon human passions.

Yet again, “Boom yeah.” Less government the better.

Tenth, the thinking conservative understands that permanence and change must be recognized and reconciled in a vigorous society.

So long as change does not get adopted for its own sake, but rather to adopt the genuine needs of an evolving society, I would agree. Besides, a good conservative by definition is wary of (but not opposed to) change.

So, thanks Dana, for allowing me to finally comprehend why I am an Independent that is so nauseated by the Democratic Party.

BTW Dana, fine picture of Russell Kirk. My in-laws have one on their wall, where Kirk is talking to my brother-in-law, trademark “goofy tie” fully visible in its debatable splendor. I noticed that in your picutre Kirk buttoned his jacket so that Reagan wouldn’t ask, “Why is your tie stopped 8 inches above your belt?”

Tony Bennett shows that rare quality in College Coaching: March 28, 2007

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Class. (more…)

Democrats the party of the Little People. . .Right. Mark II March 28, 2007

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I think not. (via TownHall)

The Democrat’s budget calls for a tax increase of every tax bracket, slashes the child tax credit, raises the death tax, and reinstates the marriage penalty. And this is just a sampling, there is more. In all, the Democrat’s plan will cost taxpayers over $390 billion in the next 5 years. What is particularly frustrating about this ill-advised action is that the Democrats are blatantly ignoring the economic consequences and fiscal benefits that lower taxes have brought to the treasury the past few years. Revenue has increased in double digits the last two years alone because of the economic expansion encouraged by reduced taxation. This revenue growth has been crucial in reducing the deficit.

I once said that if the Asses would change their tune on life issues, I would consider jining up after years of dedicated Independence.  But this sort of fiscal policy that is intent on bleeding all incomes, not just the wealthy, not only belies their interest in “looking out for the little guy”, it will also hamstring the Republic.

Great work, idiots.

Mark Shea calls for intelligent global warming conversation. . . March 27, 2007

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. . .at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Seattle.

Any climatologists out there that can participate in this without being beholden to some nefarious Party Line?

If they can pull this off, I will strive to take work off to attend it.

My sincerest apologies. . . March 26, 2007

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. . to whomever may have clicked the-now-non-existent link to “exposing myself.”

When I first added that link over a year ago, it led to a very tasteful amateur photography site. Nature scenes, if memory serves (nature as in birds, flowers, mountains. You get the idea).

Well, apparently they let the lease on the domain name lapse, and guess what type of business picked up the name?

Right. That would be a porn site. And someone clicked on it yesterday from here. I had forgotten all about the link, to be honest. And so when I went on my WordPress admin page, it mentioned someone had hit that link.

So I clicked the link, and was appalled at what I saw (at least everyone had their clothes on. But one wonders what one might find if he/she started looking around. So I got the hell out and deleted the link).

A good reason to click on all of your blogroll from time to time, just to make sure everything is copacetic.

And again, to whomever looked at that page, I am NOT a fan of pornsites whatsoever. Sorry to have left you with that decidedly erroneous impression.

Road Rage, Mk III March 26, 2007

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As I say below:

So, my question becomes, when is this shit going to end?????

The answer is, now, because none of the f*cking cars work now.

Yep. Now the Toyota is no longer road worthy. Just today (of COURSE it’s today, in fact, now two hours ago) its panel lights and -more importantly- its brake lights just went tits up. People behind us now have no idea that we are trying to stop.

So, let’s recap.

Four cars:

  1. Mercury POS. Dead water pump, dead head gasket. Toast. Drive 10 miles and watch the pistons burn out. I sure don’t know how to fix these things.
  2. Big Ford van. Leaky gas tank. Can you say “BOOM”?
  3. Crown Victoria. Destroyed front suspension. Can’t drive 3 inches without tearing up pavement. Towed.
  4. Toyota Corolla. Mashed driver’s door. No brake lights. A rear-end accident waiting to happen. Cops are just lining up to give me a ticket for driving a dangerous vehicle. I’ve messed with the fuses. The fault burns out 15 amp fuses. It stands up to 30 amps, but won’t operate with the larger fuse. So, it’s the shop for the Toyota as well.

And that’s all, folks. Four vehicles, none of them drivable. No money to fix them. I’m gonna buy me a f*cking rickshaw and use that to drive the family around.

I want to know what I did do get God so pissed off with me.

(YES, I know that is faulty theology. I’m being angrily ironic here.)

Upon reflection. . . March 26, 2007

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. . .the post below needs some clarification.

  1. This failure of the front suspension on the Crown Vic was cataclysmic. If it had happened on the freeway, a very serious accident could have occured. Fortunately,
  2. I had decided at the last minute to drive this morning, in our Toyota. Meaning that my son wasn’t driving this car, and if it had failed on the freeway, he could have gotten severely hurt.
  3. My wife, who was driving the thing, was almost entirely parked and not moving, when the front end went PLONK on the ground.

So, there is the gratitude that comes from having one’s health and that of the loved ones intact.

Still, it’d be nice to have these cars stop blowing up on me.

WTF is going ON here???????????????????? March 26, 2007

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My house no longer resembles a used car lot.

It now resembles a frickin’ JUNKYARD!

As of January 1, I had four functioning vehicles, all of them working just fine. Since then:

  1. The POS Mercury Sable has blown a water pump AND a head gasket. It is toast. Unfixable. I am writing it off.
  2. The Toyota Corolla has had a faulty alternator, AND the driver’s door got rear-ended, so it has a HUGE dent in it. At least it drives. But it looks terrible. And to get it repaired earlier, I had to rely on the charity of others (at least that charity was unlooked-for).
  3. The big Ford van has now developed a leak in the gas tank. Bad news.
  4. And finally, now the Crown Victoria, the only real thing I inherited from my dad, which had previously been running like a champ, has apparently dropped its entire front suspension onto the ground in front of my kids’ school. So it sits, apparently sitting as though the front end resembles a swaybacked horse. God alone knows how much that might cost to fix.

So, my question becomes, when is this shit going to end????? I need frickin’ cars to make this family work. I CANNOT afford new cars; at this point, I can’t really afford even a halfway decent used one, and every damned car I own is in some way falling apart or being rendered unusable.

God, how about a little break here, hmmm? How about providing for decent running stock, and I’ll keep striving to feed the kids you’ve blessed me?

How’s that sound?


Y’know, this whole “God will visit penances upon you during Lent” is a monstrous PAIN IN THE ASS when liberally applied.   I’ve had enough of it already.

More day care means more behavior problems. March 26, 2007

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The more time that children spent in child care, the more likely their sixth-grade teachers were to report problem behavior.


The findings come from the largest study of child care and development conducted in the United States. The 1,364 children in the analysis had been tracked since birth as part of a study by the National Institutes of Health.

In the study’s latest installment, released Monday, researchers evaluated whether characteristics observed between kindergarten and third grade were still present in fifth grade or sixth grade. The researchers found that the vocabulary and behavior patterns did continue, though many other characteristics did dissipate.

The researchers said that the increase in vocabulary and problem behaviors was small, and that parenting quality was a much more important predictor of child development.

Should file under a new category: “Masters of Obvious come to grips with phenomenon that ocean is wet.”

This is so basic we should not even be having the discussion. I had a kid at the school I used to run that had daycare or school for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Then the parents wouold complain that we closed to early and didn’t open early enough. And this kid was a basket case. I am sure that part of this came about from feeling abandoned by his parents.

This article needs to be used as Exhibit A for why we should NOT have state-sanctioned and supported child care. We’ll be raising a generation of malformed nitwits if we do.