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Reporting from the land of Dementia as written by Fred Phelps March 4, 2007

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By comparison, it is very small, and I’m going to try to let the pictures tell the story.

I was trapped on an overpass for over 15 minutes, as a very long stream of motorcyclists, most sporting US flags, droned in from to south to do battle with the Phelps Force of Foolishness.

From the same vantage, you could see this large flag flown suspended over two firetruck cranes.

Once I got in, you could see the vast forest of motorcycles parked, their owners now standing with their backs to the Phelpian Fools.

And the Phelpian Fools themselves? There were four of them, looking rather pathetic across the busy street.

This fellow had signs he changed every five seconds, and chanted weirdness while he was doing it.

The next is the best shot I got of a very weird sign: “You will eat your children.”

Easily the most depressing sign of the day; this forlorn girl with her hate-filled signs, while behind her the idiot local press are interviewing the quackhounds, giving them the publicuty they crave.

Meanwhile, dozens of counter-protesters continue to gather on the other side of the street.

Even some of my students showed up.

Meanwhile, the mourners file in over 600 feet away, completely shielded from the Phelpian Fools.

The pictures don’t capture how a large portion of the local community turned out in response to the hatred fomented by Phelps and his Fools.

It was a relief to see so many people out in force against Phelps.

Myers has more in common with Phelps than he thinks. . .the main differences are that Myers gives an appearance of rational thought, while Phelps is up front completely around the bend, and Myers stops just short of advocating for the public suppression of religion. . .but he comes damned close.

Guess he’s afraid of being lumped together with another brainless demagogue.



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