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A (very) brief word on Ann Coulter March 5, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Idiots, Politics.

Apparently she has taken her foot from the end of her decidedly admirable leg and jammed it in her mouth at the CPAC conference. Uttered a slur against homosexuals. And with that, anything that was admirable about her has been reduced to that of her legs. The rest -notably the mouth- has gotten out of control.

There are multiple posts deriding the woman. . .and the links I just described entail in brief why I removed the woman from my blogroll some months ago. As Rod Dreher put it, her material has lived past its sell date.

Conservatives defending this sort of scurrilous language only reinforces my decision in registering as an Independent as the correct one to make.



1. Wild Bill - March 5, 2007

Make sure you remove Michelle Malkin from your blog roll also. She enjoys calling women skanks.

Wow if we keep this denouncing everybody and kicking them out of the party thing up much long us conservatives might have a chance at starting a real conservative party.

2. middlescott - March 5, 2007

The world truly would be a better place without that woman’s mouth.
For a (only) slightly less brief word on the same topic check out:



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