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Interesting Quote. . March 7, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Liberal Hypocrisy, Science, Smart People.

. . .I found from Lynn Margulis, a noted biologist and something of a maverick within her field.  She is currently being plugged by PZ Myers as part of a “weblog tour”.

I find this quote rather intriguing, and wonder why Myers would agree with her, as he is a de facto neo-Darwinist:

 She does, however, hold a negative view of Neo-Darwinism, as she believes that history will ultimately judge the theory as a minor twentieth-century religious sect within the sprawling religious persuasion of Anglo-Saxon Biology.”[6] She also believes that proponents of the standard theory “wallow in their zoological, capitalistic, competitive, cost-benefit interpretation of Darwin – having mistaken him… Neo-Darwinism, which insists on (the slow accrual of mutations), is a complete funk.” (Bold text by hoody)

Hm.  Biology as religion.   What a concept.



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