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Like a Dog, V2. March 7, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Idiots, Personal.

Some lessons are easily learned. You have a serious food allergy to crab, getting violently sick the one time you eat it. You then find it very easy to avoid crab in the future.

Other lessons are not learned so easily. Like my tendency to shoot my mouth off before I’ve fully thought things through, as I’ve briefly explained in the past here. The common denominator in dealing with lefties/atheists is the deteriorating interpersonal conditions found in the correspondence. I attribute this to three possible conditions:

  1. They don’t like having their personal sacred cows criticized
  2. They are given to crankiness.
  3. I have a tendency to piss these people off with my sometimes abrasive writing style, thereby rendering them incapable of listening to reason.

Now, I would love to simply dismiss #3, but I’m afraid I cannot. It is still entirely likely that if I had the patience of Job and the charity of Christ, these people would still get pissed off with me and what I say.

But sadly, #3 is true, and makes it hard to tell if #1 and #2 are legitimate.

I went and did it again in the comments of this post, when I criticized the 13 arguments against the existence of God by commentator Simen without actually reading the things. And then I went and likely further pissed him off in my response to his dismissal of me as an “arrogant believer.”

Snarkiness is very, very hard for me to manage.

So, I have to ask in public for Simen to consider looking past my “arrogance”, and please consider forgiving me for treating him somewhat poorly. I offer this on its own, but also in the hope that he would consider the arguments I do provide re: faith and reason in the comboxes.

Note: This is categorized among idiots. Though I am by no means alone, the reason for that category is that -in this case- I am the idiot deserving of the tag.



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