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Momentary Grouse, Mark II March 13, 2007

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This post still applies, especially for today.

See, we have a staff inservice planned for this Friday. A self-adminstered inservice, the least expensive -and least efficient- kind.

But I was ready to live with it, as my boss, sensing a certain level of overwork on my part, said that I was off the hook for it. Didn’t have to do any presenting, just had to attend and “soak it all in.”

Which I was more than prepared to do (probably supplemented with a hefty supply of papers to correct), when I got the news today that now am now not only on the hook for making one presentation, but two in a row!!!

And you know these aren’t the types of things where you can just go in cold and wing it. I’m looking at hours of preparation -again- . . .and this also ties into this post.

See, what happened was is that the Dreamer -conveniently- can’t be in town for this inservice. And the two presentations I have to make? That’s right. They actually fall within the purview of the Dreamer. It’s her job to make these presentations. But, she saw that she would be out of town. And did she ask me to take care of it? No. What she does is she lays on the BS, saying “how great (you) are at so and so.”, right before she then asks you to cover something for her that she had planned. Once she figures she’s stroked you enough, she can then ask you to pull her chestnuts out of the fire.

Well, I saw through that nonsense a long time ago. When she tries to grease my skids, I start waving my arms and claiming that my Fertilizer Dials are starting to overload.

And then I tell her No, I’m not gonna do it. You made this mess. You need to clean it up.

So with her knowing this is what I would say, she went around me to my boss, to whom it is much more diffcult to say No.

And so, I get to clean up the Dreamer’s Mess.

Once again.




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