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Go ahead and take my temperature, but Amanda and I actually agree on an issue regarding women March 14, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Pandamansanity, Personal.

Hard as that may seem, given her fantastically paranoid, 3rd-wave Mondo Feminism usually renders her well past certifiable.

Nevertheless, her post examining and criticizing the similar pathological need of most women to denigrate their physical appearance most of the time is spot on.

The fact that hating your body is considered basic good manners for a woman makes it all the much harder to get over self-degrading talk, I think. Just as you automatically say, “Excuse me,” if you belch or automatically smile and laugh when someone says something meant to be pleasing, this sort of self hate becomes second nature.


Now, I did not read her piece with a fine-toothed comb. I am conditioned to make fast passes over Pandagon posts due to the fact that I have been badly damaged from poison gas emanating from the screen whenever Pandagon is up. You might read it more carefully and find elements of Amanda’s usually present pathology manifesting itself. My apologies if this comes about.

Nevertheless, she does well to castigate a phenomenom I have seen for far too long, in part that I am married to a stunningly attractive woman (I know that I am not just starry-eyed in making that assessment. The high school males I work with – a decidedly critical audience- characterize my wife as “hot”, then ask how such an ugly curmedgeon as myself managed to land her as my wife. I tell them they should be so lucky) that suffers from the very syndrome Amanda tears into; and I have strived in vain for over 20 years to disabuse my wife of the notion.



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