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Goracle Bloviates in front of Congresscritters. . . March 21, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Global Warming, Idiots.

. . .and this is news?

It’s the same old tired hype.  An obese, squint-eyed and very hypocritical Chicken Little in an expensive suit babbling in front of his smoke-filled-room compatriots about how the sky IS falling.

Just once, if the brute would say, “might be falling”, I’d have something nice to say about him.

But he won’t.  He’s a manipulative shyster hoping to ride the wave of environmentalism into the White House.

Oh trust me.  He’s interested, all right.  He’s hoping that Hillary is too wavery and Obama too nebulous to amount to much; then he can come in and save a brokered convention.



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