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Edwards to bow out of race? UPDATED March 22, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Politics.

He is calling a press conference for today to discuss the health of his wife, Elizabeth.

NPR reports this AM that Edwards was not planning on entering the race for President unless his wife had a clean bill of health, and that Elizabeth Edwards had a clean bill before he started his campaign.

This conference today is to announce, apparently,

that the couple is not going before the press to say that “everything is OK.”

Elizabeth Edwards has been into the doctor once this week for a normal check-up on her progress, and yesterday for a follow-up. ONe then wondersif this press conference is for Edwards to begin the process of pulling out of the race so that he might be able to concentrate on the needs of his wife.

I have berated John Edwards in these pages for his mishandling of the Pandagon/ EdwardsBlog/Marcottegate affair, and justifiably. He did not show himself to be of presidential timber in managing that debacle. However, one can take no joy in his leaving the race (if that is what he intends to do) if the health of his wife has taken a turn for the worse.

This news conference sounds ominous. I suggest, regardless of one’s feelings for Edwards, that you take a moment and pray for the continued health of his wife, Elizabeth Edwards.

If he DOES pull out due to her health, then that is a better commentary on his presidential skills than anything else he’s done up to this point. Putting family first, ironically, shows him to be a man that puts first things first.

And I’d like to see that in my President.


He’s gonna stick it out. What a trooper. 😛 At least it isn’t all bad news for Elizabeth Edwards. . .but it ain’t wonderful, either.



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