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Two (scratch that) THREE more on the Goracle. . . March 22, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Global Warming, Humor, Idiots.

. . .just for hoots and hollers.

We have Sister Toldjah showing how the Bloviator gets special treatment on the Hill.

Meanwhile, Doug Ross has cracked the Goracle’s Code.

Read them both in their nifty entireties. Them’s goooooood readin’.

THEN we have the inestimable Rick Moran, who has simply NAILED IT this time.

You see, Gore and I are not scientists but we both share a passion for the subject. The difference between us is that I gather information from both skeptics (the serious kind, not including Senator Inhofe) and advocates who, surprisingly, are in close agreement on a few facts about climate change:

1. The climate is changing.

2. It is getting warmer.

3. Humans have had an as yet undetermined impact on these facts. (Still a matter of some dispute although the evidence has become pretty compelling over the last 2 or three years.)

4. No one knows what the hell to do about it.

For Al Gore to recommend the absolutely most catastrophic “solutions” – measures that would finish the United States as an economic power in the world – is not only irresponsible but silly. An “immediate freeze” on emissions from power plants would mean a helluva lot less electricity. Although I’m sure there would be enough to light up and heat Mr. Gore’s estate, as for the rest of us, I’m not so sure.

And a freeze in car emissions? How do we do that without shutting down the assembly lines and throwing tens of thousands out of work? Well, at least Al will still have a job. He could always latch on to a carnival somewhere as a barker.

Read ALL OF THEM!!!!!!  Them’s REAL good readin’.



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