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More day care means more behavior problems. March 26, 2007

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The more time that children spent in child care, the more likely their sixth-grade teachers were to report problem behavior.


The findings come from the largest study of child care and development conducted in the United States. The 1,364 children in the analysis had been tracked since birth as part of a study by the National Institutes of Health.

In the study’s latest installment, released Monday, researchers evaluated whether characteristics observed between kindergarten and third grade were still present in fifth grade or sixth grade. The researchers found that the vocabulary and behavior patterns did continue, though many other characteristics did dissipate.

The researchers said that the increase in vocabulary and problem behaviors was small, and that parenting quality was a much more important predictor of child development.

Should file under a new category: “Masters of Obvious come to grips with phenomenon that ocean is wet.”

This is so basic we should not even be having the discussion. I had a kid at the school I used to run that had daycare or school for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Then the parents wouold complain that we closed to early and didn’t open early enough. And this kid was a basket case. I am sure that part of this came about from feeling abandoned by his parents.

This article needs to be used as Exhibit A for why we should NOT have state-sanctioned and supported child care. We’ll be raising a generation of malformed nitwits if we do.



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