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Rant, Mark III March 26, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Education, Personal.

So they had a major fundraiser at the school this weekend.  I did not go as there has been something involving either the school or my kids for the last 6 weeks, and my wife and I wanted a weekend just to ourselves.

I come in today, and find:

  • My office full of canned food.
  • The wall between two classrooms left open
  • Classrooms desks throughout the school completely disarrayed
  • CRAP all over the floor, all over the place
  • Another desk freshly broken

So, I start dealing with this, fuming, because I had plans on entering grades and some advanced lesson planning. . .but instead I am playing janitor.

When I confront my boss on this, he shoots back that “If you had BEEN THERE you would have known this had to be done.  The people working this were exhausted.”

BEEN THERE?  That’s all I already am to this place, is “being there.”  And this is how I am repaid?  Having a colossal mess to clean up upon entering the school on Monday?  Apparently now I am being expected to attend these “volunteer” functions, in a mandatory sense.

In English, that’s called an “oxymoron.”

I wish my boss would stop treating us hired help like second class citizens.  Whenever the needs of the classroom educator come up against the moneyed aristocracy, the aristocracy wins out every time.




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