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Road Rage, Mk III March 26, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Personal.

As I say below:

So, my question becomes, when is this shit going to end?????

The answer is, now, because none of the f*cking cars work now.

Yep. Now the Toyota is no longer road worthy. Just today (of COURSE it’s today, in fact, now two hours ago) its panel lights and -more importantly- its brake lights just went tits up. People behind us now have no idea that we are trying to stop.

So, let’s recap.

Four cars:

  1. Mercury POS. Dead water pump, dead head gasket. Toast. Drive 10 miles and watch the pistons burn out. I sure don’t know how to fix these things.
  2. Big Ford van. Leaky gas tank. Can you say “BOOM”?
  3. Crown Victoria. Destroyed front suspension. Can’t drive 3 inches without tearing up pavement. Towed.
  4. Toyota Corolla. Mashed driver’s door. No brake lights. A rear-end accident waiting to happen. Cops are just lining up to give me a ticket for driving a dangerous vehicle. I’ve messed with the fuses. The fault burns out 15 amp fuses. It stands up to 30 amps, but won’t operate with the larger fuse. So, it’s the shop for the Toyota as well.

And that’s all, folks. Four vehicles, none of them drivable. No money to fix them. I’m gonna buy me a f*cking rickshaw and use that to drive the family around.

I want to know what I did do get God so pissed off with me.

(YES, I know that is faulty theology. I’m being angrily ironic here.)



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