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Upon reflection. . . March 26, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Personal.

. . .the post below needs some clarification.

  1. This failure of the front suspension on the Crown Vic was cataclysmic. If it had happened on the freeway, a very serious accident could have occured. Fortunately,
  2. I had decided at the last minute to drive this morning, in our Toyota. Meaning that my son wasn’t driving this car, and if it had failed on the freeway, he could have gotten severely hurt.
  3. My wife, who was driving the thing, was almost entirely parked and not moving, when the front end went PLONK on the ground.

So, there is the gratitude that comes from having one’s health and that of the loved ones intact.

Still, it’d be nice to have these cars stop blowing up on me.



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