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WTF is going ON here???????????????????? March 26, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Personal.

My house no longer resembles a used car lot.

It now resembles a frickin’ JUNKYARD!

As of January 1, I had four functioning vehicles, all of them working just fine. Since then:

  1. The POS Mercury Sable has blown a water pump AND a head gasket. It is toast. Unfixable. I am writing it off.
  2. The Toyota Corolla has had a faulty alternator, AND the driver’s door got rear-ended, so it has a HUGE dent in it. At least it drives. But it looks terrible. And to get it repaired earlier, I had to rely on the charity of others (at least that charity was unlooked-for).
  3. The big Ford van has now developed a leak in the gas tank. Bad news.
  4. And finally, now the Crown Victoria, the only real thing I inherited from my dad, which had previously been running like a champ, has apparently dropped its entire front suspension onto the ground in front of my kids’ school. So it sits, apparently sitting as though the front end resembles a swaybacked horse. God alone knows how much that might cost to fix.

So, my question becomes, when is this shit going to end????? I need frickin’ cars to make this family work. I CANNOT afford new cars; at this point, I can’t really afford even a halfway decent used one, and every damned car I own is in some way falling apart or being rendered unusable.

God, how about a little break here, hmmm? How about providing for decent running stock, and I’ll keep striving to feed the kids you’ve blessed me?

How’s that sound?


Y’know, this whole “God will visit penances upon you during Lent” is a monstrous PAIN IN THE ASS when liberally applied.   I’ve had enough of it already.



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