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Reductio Ad Absurdem April 30, 2007

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Indoctrinate U.  A film by Evan Coyne Maloney.  Exposes the rigors of PCspeak on today’s campuses, and the jackbooted, knee-jerk response to anyone who dares to challenges the gospel truth of PC thought and language.

Visit the site, see the trailer, and sign up to get a screening in your area.  This sounds like an extremely important film that people concerned with speech issues in the US MUST see.

Review here.  Blurb by Anchoress here.


Judicial Intelligence Alert April 30, 2007

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Let’s see here:  19 year old leads cops on two county chase, with speeds in excess of 100 mph.  Cops finally bump car, causing it to crash.  Felonious driver, in a classic case of natural consequences, is paralyzed from the neck down.  Driver then sues cops, claiming excess use of force.  In a stunning act of idiocy, the appellate courts support this decision.  But then the SCOTUS shoots it down with an attack of common sense, by an 8-1 vote.

Glaringly obvious decision, yet John Paul Stevens has his head up his butt, claiming that there was no imminent danger to bystanders.

Like Hades.  100 mph chase?  The alternative is to wait until someone gets hurt, and then it’s too late.  In this case, the right person got hurt.  Not that we want to aim for paraplegia as a sentence for berserk driving, but at least no one else got hurt.

Fine round-up on Liberal Warming hypocrisy. . . April 30, 2007

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. . .again from the Anchoress.

Look, if we’re going to be urged – relentlessly – to accept that global warming is “the most important moral, ethical, spiritual and political issue humankind has ever faced”, the unrelenting “crisis” of our time, if it’s as urgent a matter as these preening moralists insist it is, then we need to explore concrete, measurable means of conservation that – unlike “sparing the square” – may actually matter. Let’s start with Sheryl Crow’s medium, the rock concert, shall we?

I recall U2’s fun, splendidly ironic “Zoo TV” Tour of the early 1990’s. The band spent over 18 months traveling the globe in support of their fantastic album, “Achtung, Baby”, hitting all the stadiums and large venues on every continent. 157 shows. The tour boasted:

The stage…featured vidi walls, 36 video monitors, numerous television cameras, two separate mix positions, 26 on stage microphones, 176 speakers, and 11 elaborately painted Trabants, several of which were suspended over the stage with spotlights inserted into headlights, which all required 1 million watts of power to operate: enough to run 2,000 homes.

A total of 52 trucks were required to transport the 1,200 tons of equipment, 3 miles of cabling, 200 labourers, 12 forklifts and one 40-ton crane, required to construct the stage. And that was for every show.

That’s a pretty impressive bit of consumption, but let’s add into it the luxury jets (and non-luxurious staff planes) that carted U2 and their handlers, techies, roadies, belly-dancers, make-up, costumers, etc all around. Add to it the air-conditioning at the indoor venues. Add into it the trains, planes and automobiles used to transport hundreds of thousands of people to the shows. Add to it the klieg lights used for every televised interview, the trees killed to print every magazine promo and to print the $30.00 posters sold at all 157 shows. And consider if you will the souvenir teeshirts – probably stitched together in some hellish Indonesian sweatshop – that weren’t even made out of bamboo fiber!

Good heavens, if only U2 had not run the ZooTV tour, the planet may not be in its death throes, today! If only, when Al Gore was writing Earth in the Balance he had alerted us to this sort of hoggish consumption (by these supporters of the Clinton/Gore campaign) and what it could mean for the planet, the icecaps wouldn’t be melting in 2007!

Now, I grant you, Sheryl Crow is unlikely to mount such a tour, but that noted environmentalist Sting will be keening with The Police through at least 40 venues in North America and who knows where else, worldwide. Already the tour rehearsals are being taped and disseminated – lots of energy being used up – and the posters are being printed. The spotlights, amps, mics etc are being loaded into 18 wheelers. So is all the bottled water that performers, crew and patrons will consume.

Yep.  OF delicious irony, though, is the link provided at the end.  You must check it yourself; a vicious and hilarious take-down from the otherwise liberal Daily Show.  Matt Damon, an actor I have always liked from the Bourne films, gets singularly well-deserved attention.  Watch for the “if your house is anything like mine” line.  Classic.

The Battle of the Bulge. . . April 30, 2007

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. . .gets increasingly discouraging.

I’m past the grim cusp of 40, and the days of being able to snarf down 4000 calories fo whatever looked good with impunity are long, long gone. Yet the habits and desires remain.

Fortunately, there is the Specialized HardRock:

This is a picture of the 2007 model; I drive a 2002. 11 miles most everyday. God only knows what I’d look like if I wasn’t doing this.

Carnival of Education #116. April 27, 2007

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Here. Lots of goodness.

Further proof of alien life. . . April 27, 2007

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. . .found here.

Some of the more disturbing quotes:

3. One-celled organisms and bottom feeders and termites can breed. That doesn’t make them parents. You have to stick around afterwards to be a parent. (Love this one)

4. Real adults don’t follow their hormones out the door. Butt-sniffing four-legged animals who also eat their own vomit do that. Ever see a dog in heat? That’s my wife.

19. My wife is insatiable to the point that it’s no longer sexy. She’s like a lab rat or a barnyard animal. Hell, I can’t even read the paper! (Disgusting)

20. He got mad one night and told our kids that if it wasn’t for them, he’d be free and happy. They haven’t been the same since that night.

#20 is really the proof of alien life.  I simply cannot understand what the man is talking about.

Sure, I have seven kids and they individually and collectively at times drive me insane.  But the sentiment expressed by the life form in #20 is alien, incomprehensible.  I’d be miserable without my children.

The others describe behavior that I am eternally thankful my wife does NOT exhibit, but the fact that others do is saddening, at the least.

Myers injudiciously mangles the abortion issue.. . April 24, 2007

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. . .(imagine that) by linking to this blog post.  In it, the author describes a harrowing period in his life where his pregnant wife begins such severe intra-uterine hemorrhaging that her blood pressure drops precipitously, then requiring a transfusion.  Once his wife is rendered mentally inert from this emergency, he then has to grapple with the decision to perform a D&C to stop the uterine bleed (we are operating on the reasonable assumption that this was the only course available to stop the bleeding).  The procedure will, of course, terminate the pregnancy.

The author then proceeds to vent significant spleen towards those that would hinder the availablility of abortion:

I sat there, wondering if I’d at least get my wife back after this. Then 20 minutes passed, and nothing. Thirty minutes. Forty. Forty five. I started to get worried and thought all sorts of horrible things that I will not put words to. Mainly, then, I start to think about the abortion debate. About pro-lifers, in particular. I think about all those meddling politicians that would want to interject themselves into everything that just happened to me, interject themselves between me, my wife, and her doctors. And then I had a strong, visceral reaction. I wanted the mutherf*****s to die. I wanted to rip off their heads and tear out their hearts, because how DARE they play politics with my wife’s life? The baby was fine until the end. I wondered if that would have meant they’d force us to let my wife bleed until almost death before they’d let us abort, because well, if she’s not near death, then it is just a ‘health’ exception, and we can’t have that! F*** them. F*** them all. They can f****** die, as far as I’m concerned. (asterisk editing by hoody)

Now, this man is describing a period in his life when he was understandably distraught at the prospect of losing his wife; compounded with his -erroneous- belief that pro-lifers would outlaw the D&C; a procedure recognized as common in maintaining the health of women.  He then proceeds to use it as a soapbox to advocate for the untrammelled access to abortion.

Myers, in his typical hypocritical and fundmamentalist extremism, suggests that this man’s experience is de rigeur.

I debate that point.  I would like to see some statistics that indicate the prevalence of D&C’s under the severe conditions his wife faced.

I’ll go out on a limb and say under 2% of all D&Cs are performed under similar circumstances.  Most are elective, in the sense that an otherwise healthy pregnancy is terminated, claiming that the baby is “unwanted.”


I wondered if that would have meant they’d force us to let my wife bleed until almost death before they’d let us abort, because well, if she’s not near death, then it is just a ‘health’ exception, and we can’t have that!

Horsefeathers.  Abortions are conducted all the time to protect the lives of mothers suffering from ectopic pregnancies.  This man’s wife would certainly fit in such a category.

Hie accusation above, and by extension, Myers’ sanctimonious and disengenuous endorsement of same, is malicious, mendacious and misleading claptrap.

In part a test. . . April 23, 2007

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. . .and in part a reminder of where most of PZ’s ideas come from.

Would I charge the VTech killer? April 20, 2007

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Probably not, though in my romantic fantasies of course I hit the bastard with a flying tackle and dislocate his shoulder while simultaneously giving him a concussion.

Mark Shea speculates wisely:

The heroes of Flight 93 are remembered because they did something exceptional and rare, not because they typified the human condition. They represent not the normal level of American Can-Do Courage from which our civilization has sadly fallen, but an extraordinary act of heroism which has been extraordinary throughout human history. And they had some distinct advantages over the people at VT. For the heroes of Flight 93 were people in a unique circumstance: they had time to reflect, to realize the full import of their situation, to realize not one of them could get out of their situation, to coordinate with others, to gather themselves emotionally and mentally, and to formulate a desperate plan. Also, they were up against men with box cutters who were distracted with trying to fly a big airplane.

The people at VT has none of these advantages. Death burst in the door and started shooting. The normal reaction of the human organism to extreme situations is blank disbelief and inaction. That’s why Jews cooperatively lined up and walked into the gas chambers. Wanna know why there is a Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination? Because Zapruder just kept on filming. He didn’t immediately drop the camera and spring into action, seeking to trace the source of the shots and organize a posse to track down the murderer. He thought JFK was joking when he grabbed his throat after the first shot hit him. People don’t really shoot the President. So he stood immobile and just kept filming.

A few years ago two jets collided and crashed at an air show in Stuttgart, killing several people on the ground. We have excellent videos of this because, not just the cameraman, but most of the crowd stood stock still as the fireball engulfed its victims. Why? Because planes don’t crash and kill people right in front of you. You don’t move. You don’t know what to do in this utterly unique situation. Nothing in your life prepared you for it.

Sitting in a classroom results in passive, accepting behavior. Having death in the form of a self-absorbed madman suddenly manifest itself in the classroom door allows in no way sufficient time to alter one’s mental stance.

There have been any number of times that I have been walking in public places and a stranger has been in my vicinity. I am one who then tenses up, surreptitiously checks behind me and prepares for battle. No reason or experience has me do this, save for what I see and read in the news.

But I can virtually guarantee that I would not do such a thing in the classroom for the reason mentioned above. Instruction encourages apathy and passive acceptance. Group activities are even worse in that you then focus on the group and pay no attention to what might be happening in the doorway.

Shea is responding to a John Derbybshire article asking why no one stood up to the Korean misfit who saw fit to take out his social aberrations out on innocent students.

I think Mark is correct. The reaction is certainly normal enough. We can only extol the virtues of heroes such as Liviu Librescu who stand in the doorway long enough to give time for his students to flee. Monday Morning Quarterbacking the actions of the staff and studentsof VTech (as well as criticizing the administration) is short-sighted.

Yep. Mandy now down in the dirt, way past falling off the wagon April 19, 2007

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My goodness, the woman is deranged.

I’m not bothering with copying and pasting and eviscerating.  I  haven’t the time nor the stomach.  I have a rehearsal to get to.  Look up the article yourself.  It’s easily refuted from about 15000 different angles.  Just more of her rabid, foaming and pathological paranoia.