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Atheist misquote April 10, 2007

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I actually got quoted -out-of-context, of course- by some critter named Cline at About.com, from this post awhile back. (his quote was actually taken from a comment response. . .).

In case you are under the mistaken impression that George Weigel is only talking about “some” atheists, consider the words of Demolition65 who links to the Weigel article and who claims to not be addressing “all atheists” in calling them “dumb”:

I would challenge you that you are not finished with your intellectual explorations if atheism is as far as you have gone.

So it’s only atheists like Dawkins and Harris who are dumb; everyone else who only gets as far as atheism is merely “not finished” with their intellectual explorations. Strictly speaking, no one is — but there is a strong implication that a religious theist like him is.

Wow.  With my one little commentary to Jadelane, I have now suddenly condemned all atheists to intellectual inferiority.  What power Mr. Cline has given me!!!

This is spurious nonsense to anyone with half a brain.  My comment was meant only for the gentleman who had been commenting on the original post.  Go see for yourself if so inclined.

Though the amount of traffic that Mr. Cline’s little snidity has created is exactly, ONE hit.

Yeah, the guy must be getting loads of traffic from his perch over at About.



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