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Why don’t I write on Immigration? April 11, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Cultural Pessimism, Liberal Hypocrisy.

Because SC&A has said everything that needs to be said on it.

Some of the more priceless gems:

Let’s get real about immigration. The same cheap ass bigotry that is on display today in much of the right wing blogosphere, predates you. That’s right- your high minded bigotry, couched as ‘concern,’ is nothing new.

When the Irish Catholics came off the boat in New York, escaping from famine and certain death, high minded Americans beat the crap out of them because the freakin’ Catholic papist evil bastards were going to ruin the country.

When the Italians and the Jews got off the boat in New York, there were those who met them at the docks and welcomed them with baseball bats- literally. Why? Because the damn Jews and even more papist evil bastard Italians were going to ruin America.


Incredibly, immigrants survived despite the bigotry of many of this country’s citizens. Now, pay attention lefties and stop touching yourselves. You’re as racist and bigoted as anyone else- more so, actually. We’ll get to your sorry and miserable asses later. As for the Hispanics reading this, stick around- you too, are in need of a reality check.


Spanish speaking dry cleaners will not sink the ocean liner that is America. Besides, as that Hispanic grows out of the neighborhood- and into your four cubits- the kid behind the counter will be going to night school, studying engineering, or law. Be nice- you might need his services one day.


The lefties are as much racist and bigoted as those on the right and maybe even more- they just pretend they aren’t. They don’t care about helping people or doing the right thing. If they did, they would not be so anxious to see Iraq disintegrate in chaos and death- in fact, they care about people so much, they can hardly wait for that to happen. Why? Because dead Iraqis, raped Iraqis and butchered Kurds aren’t as important as ‘getting Bush.’ Shut up, lefty that’s what it’s about- and everybody knows it.

If the left gave a damn about our nations security, there would be, as The Anchoress once noted, serious discussions with serious people. Here we are, in a post 9/11 world and ‘BusHitler!’ is thought to be considered opinion. Here we are in a post 9/11 world and mainstream media treats an absolute whack job like Cindy Sheehan as if she were relevant to any serious discussion, anywhere.

If the left really gave a damn, they would have addressed issues of poverty and education in minority communities, decades ago. Instead, the left have been the principal reason why black Americans are still on the plantation- a plantation built and funded by ‘caring’ lefties. The left has usurped the drive, ambitions and dreams of ghettos overflowing with black Americans and they don’t give a damn. (The left cares for Black Americans as much as they cared about Africans slaughtered in Rwanda. In their eyes, BusHitler is more important than the ongoing rape and murder in Darfur.) Why? Because ghettos and ‘guvamint cheeez‘ buy easy votes, that’s why.

Now, a word to any fathead, loudmouth Hispanics (fortunately, a minority) reading this: You aren’t special, you aren’t important and neither California or Texas will be ceded back to Mexico. You can be just as stupid, racist and obnoxious as anyone else. Just because some little anglo bimbo named Tiffany is impressed with your ability to recite nursery rhymes in Spanish and pass it it off as literature, is irrelevant. You are average, in every sense of the word. Your machismo means nothing to most of us. One more thing- Che Gueverra was not a hero. He was an evil, sick bastard and the whole world knows it.

Ahem. The above cited from a post embedded in this recent presentation by SC&A.



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