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Myers assaults Kos UPDATED April 13, 2007

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and for good reason.

(Kos) has dismissed the death threats against Kathy Sierra as a) same old story that he sees all the time, b) nothing to worry about, and c) reason to suggest that the victim ought to give up blogging, which, of course, is music to the ears of the “psycho losers” who carry out that kind of attempted intimidation. Is Kos really so tone-deaf that he doesn’t realize he has just sided with people who threatened to slit Sierra’s throat and rape her corpse?

Obviously, such behavior is intolerable if not outright criminal. Kos is an idiot for giving any type of succor, no matter how shrouded, to Sierra’s stalkers.

But of course, Myers then HAS to put his foot in his mouth:

There is the problem, the eliminationist assholes who thrive under the encouragement of AM talk radio, admire the posturing bullies like Limbaugh and Coulter and Savage, and think homicidal sexual fantasies are manly.

I will not defend the above commentators. I have listened to some of them, once. No more.

But Myers -as usual- has it half right. Idiots thrive indeed with right wing nut jobs, but Myers would have you believe that said morons are confined only to the Right.

Try listening to Rosie, or Janeane Garofalo, or read any sort of demented rant at DU or even dKos, or just click this link. Foaming idiocies as demonstrated with “homicidal sexual fantasies” are just as prevalent on the LoonLeft. But Myers will not admit to that.

UPDATE: Amanda piles on. So do Kos’ commenters.  Interesting to note that the original Kos post is not that  inflammatory. . .but it certainly is dismissive and has the feminist blogosphere up in arms.

And I still agree with that feminist blogosphere.  Kos is an idiot and these brainless and abusive Webjammers need to be stopped somehow. (then again, maybe not.  If they keep ranting, we can know where they are).

I think that Kos is opposed to this for more pragmatic reasons:  He’s at heart a lazy ass who can’t stomach the thought of policing his own site commenters (who are INSANE); and any type of Web-comment police code of ethics means he’ll finally have to get off his flabby liberal ass and DO something about all those berserk moonbats on his site.  So, he shoots his mouth off and pisses off the WebFeministes.

From my perch, this would be funny, save that the idiot who threatened Kathy Sierra is still running around.



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