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Other musings on the VTech Massacre April 18, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Cultural Pessimism, Death and Dying, Idiots, Liberal self-loathing.

As liberals and government authorities start forming the circular firing squad to assign blame for the Blacksburg tragedy, I wandered around my preferred places on the Internet for higher level wisdom.

I was waiting for the Anchoress’ read on this. She does not disappoint:

The simple truth is that despite what the world via your television is saying to you right now…there is no solution to the problem of human unpredictability. There is no “fixing” this so that it never happens again; it will. Auschwitz happened. Stalinist Slaughter happened. The Killing Fields happened. Sarajevo happened. Somalia happened. Columbine happened. 9/11 happened. The murder of Amish School children happened. This has happened. Something else will happen in the future, and everyone will be shocked and horrified and say “who is to blame, where may we direct our helplessness into productive or self-rightelous rage, and what’s my cut of the lawsuit?”


Perhaps the secret that has spilled forth from Virginia Tech is that a bucolic illusion of created, assured safety has been burst. In an era where captured British soldiers take home goodie bags and have their irresolution applauded, we can only look at Professor Liviu Librescu’s determined heroism as an awesome aberration – he did the courageous thing.

Spot on, as always.

Then there is this outstanding ramble on the perfidy of victimhood from One Cosmos/Gagdad Bob:

How do we measure what happened yesterday? What have we done with our scale? I don’t pretend to know exactly what motivated the mass murderer, but I think it is safe to say that he felt victimized by someone or something, and therefore entitled to lash out — as indeed all victims feel entitled to do. I can only say that there will only be more absurd lashing out if we continue our inexorable slide into nihilism, the only alternative to theism.


It’s very easy to discuss evil in the abstract, much more difficult when it is concrete and in your face. As usual, opinions will diverge along the fault and nobody’s-fault lines of liberal and leftist, true liberals emphasizing the importance of character and values, leftists arguing that it is just a matter of taking away the guns. The latter is fanciful, while the former, as always, is the only way for mankind to collectively survive, either with or without guns.

It is true that guns don’t kill people, but what if they proliferate in a society that has, in the course of a couple generations, elevated the category of victimhood to an exalted status (which simply gives bullies a free pass to be so), indoctrinated people from the earliest age that their feelings are particularly important, and denigrated any religious barrier that stands in the way of the expression of the most base impulse? You shall not judge is one of the Ten Commandments of Nihilism.

Then you have a problem. Again, I don’t know much about what happened yesterday, but I’m guessing that the MSM will be quick to determine how the perpetrator was a victim, because they believe that where there is evil, there is a victim — and therefore, no evil at all. It certainly sounds like this man regarded himself as a victim whose feelings of victimization were sufficiently important to justify homicide. But everyone is a victim if you only search hard enough. Therefore, our sociopathy should be understandable. We’re only lashing out at the cosmic injustice of it all.

Make no mistake: if you teach people to think in this disgusting way, you will engender more sociopathy, because people will regard society as the immoral oppressor that has victimized them. Victimhood is the gateway to morally sanctioned violence, always. This is why it is so evil to teach the leftist psychology of victimhood. It is not just soul-corrupting to the individual who buys into it, but toxic to the society, which cannot function if the individuals who compose it regard themselves as victims of it.

The language of the left is always framed in terms of victimhood. Analyze their discourse and there is always a victim buried in it. Always. I mentioned a recent email correspondence with a liberal who greatly admired my book. I told him up front that if he were aware of my politics, he would despise me which he soon enough did. All I had to do was spell out my beliefs, and the conversation literally ended with fuck you, which is where any conversation with a true believing leftist must end — either there or with bullets and chains. In the polarized leftist world, there are only victims and victimizers, falling straight along party lines. (bold text by hoody) Thus, all of the leftist victimizers are entitled to their bullying because they are victims. I hardly have the power of Al Sharpton, whose only power is the power of victimhood conferred upon him by his supposed white victimizers.

To me, the Left’s continued tilt at the windmill of human evil by banning weapons (Switzerland and Israel, according to SC&A, ALL have weapons at home yet do not have our level of violence. Doesn’t this speak to something other than guns that is causing the problem??) and by excusing the actual existence of evil by the liberal excuse of victimhood only perpetuates its image of flabby uselessness. They strive to create a heaven on earth through liberal application of liberal excesses. And like every attempt at Utopia, create hell on earth instead.



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