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Rationality at Pandagon is a fleeting condition April 18, 2007

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Things had been looking up. Pam Spaulding, a foaming lesbian black woman, had been posting some rational stuff about the Imus affair. She is in league with fellow African American Jason Whitlock in attacking not only Imus, but also the widespread demeaning of women found in hip-hop music.

Good for her.

Amanda, the leading loon over there, even posted on the VTech massacre, suggesting that anyone with an axe to grind over that horror needs to shut up yesterday. The lone actions of a deranged madman provide no opportunity for people to start “grinding their ideological axes.”

And good for her as well.

But then the SCOTUS outlawed partial birth abortion. And Amanda fell off the rationality wagon in a big way.

Some of the choicer derangements:

Today’s Supreme Court decision upholding the ban on “partial birth abortions” is the finale of a radical manuever by anti-choicers to strike at the heart of the issue and establish legal precedent devaluing women as human beings.

Mm hm. Let’s see. Supreme Court is concerned that a barbaric medical procedure that is particulary violent and gruesome for those pesky “fetuses” and leaves some medical personnel queasy.

But of course for Amanda, such a decision is all about de-humanizing women.

Get out the Thorazine.

. . .but still people tolerate the law putting a bunch of obstacles and headaches between women and getting abortions, because hey, who wants to stand up for the rights of Sluts Who Should Have Kept Their Legs Closed?

Gets back to those pesky “fetuses”, the unpleasant consequence of sexual intercourse. At the risk of being exceptionally snarky , who the heck would want to hit that? Has she been subject to the possible carrying of a fetus in her womb?

I am skeptical.

Moving on, for her, it is all about untrammelled access to the god Orgasm. Anything, ANYthing that gets in the way of that is then demeaning to women.

Follow the logic? Yeah, neither do I.

This is about the concept that women deserve to be treated as full human beings who deserve proper medical care despite their current situation of being in a state only women can be in.

Utter horsefeathers. There are other procedures, just as “safe” for the mother and just as disastrous for the “fetus” that are still extant in the Republic. Again, this is nothing to do with medical access, and everything about Amanda’s paranoid delusions that women are now about to be magically re-located back to the 1840s.

It’s a strike at the concept that women have independent value. If you reduce a woman to a baby factory, then one who needs a late term abortion is malfunctioning in her purpose somehow, so if she dies, she’s scrap metal, I suppose. Or scrap blood and tissue, as it were. I hate to be blunt like this, but there it is. They skipped over the preliminaries about what kind of rights women should have and attacked the idea that our very existence and health matters if we’ve failed in our duties as fetal incubators.

Yeah, sure, right, whatever. Reload your Thorazine prescription, Mandy, and try to climb back on the wagon.

Oh, interestingly, I have been restored to personhood over there. One of my comments on gun control was actually accepted over there.



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