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Further proof of alien life. . . April 27, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Family.

. . .found here.

Some of the more disturbing quotes:

3. One-celled organisms and bottom feeders and termites can breed. That doesn’t make them parents. You have to stick around afterwards to be a parent. (Love this one)

4. Real adults don’t follow their hormones out the door. Butt-sniffing four-legged animals who also eat their own vomit do that. Ever see a dog in heat? That’s my wife.

19. My wife is insatiable to the point that it’s no longer sexy. She’s like a lab rat or a barnyard animal. Hell, I can’t even read the paper! (Disgusting)

20. He got mad one night and told our kids that if it wasn’t for them, he’d be free and happy. They haven’t been the same since that night.

#20 is really the proof of alien life.  I simply cannot understand what the man is talking about.

Sure, I have seven kids and they individually and collectively at times drive me insane.  But the sentiment expressed by the life form in #20 is alien, incomprehensible.  I’d be miserable without my children.

The others describe behavior that I am eternally thankful my wife does NOT exhibit, but the fact that others do is saddening, at the least.



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