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How the heck does Simmons keep DOING this??? May 2, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Humor, Sports.

From an article berating Dirk Nowitski:

Has Nowitzki been that bad in the first four games against Golden State? Actually, yeah. You can’t kill him for struggling in a playoff series because, admittedly, it happens to the best from time to time. For instance, the Basketball Jesus stunk out the joint against the ’85 Lakers and ’88 Pistons. MJ submitted a stinkbomb against the ’95 Magic. Magic choked in three different losses to the ’84 Celtics. Bring up an NBA legend and I could point you to a crummy playoff performance within three seconds.

The bold letters did me in, again. I can’t look at them without going off into gales of laughter. HOW does he keep coming up with these epically funny lines.


Later in the article (My GOD!! The man just doesn’t STOP!!):

4. I’ve seen hammered college kids playing “Pop A Shot” at 3 a.m. with better form than Andris Biedrins from the FT line. Why does it look like both of his arms are in plaster casts? Does he have elbows?



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