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For future use in the refutation of the Kraken and other idiots May 3, 2007

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Ladies and gentlemen, the inimitable Mark Shea:

Shallow, Materialist, Consumerist Members of Generation Narcissus Pretend to Embrace Buddhism

I’ll bet the Dalai Lama is driven crazy by these people. This is the man who observed that the West will always be Christian. He didn’t mean “devout”. He meant that even in apostasy, it is *Christianity* from which the West apostasizes. The rankest atheist in the West owes almost all his basic thought categories–from the notion that being a self is good to the notion that freedom is real and good to the notion that desire and property and attachments to real Good is good–to the Christian tradition. The Christian philosophical and theological tradition affords him all the arms he uses in his revolt. And so, we find shallow Baby Boomers adopting Buddhism because it suits their individual preferences, oblivious to the fact that the whole point of Buddhism is the extinction of desire and of the self.

These people aren’t Buddhists. They’re just apostates who have chosen a particularly stupid way to try to hide from God.

I post this for my own future uses, esp. in the classroom. Mark, if you are offended by moe copying the whole post, drop a comment and I’ll find some other way.



1. Jonathon - May 11, 2007

The Dali Lama isn’t stupid, nor do I suspect (if he truly practices what he “preaches”) that he is driven crazy by anything done in the west. That would be decidedly – un-Buddhist of him, wouldn’t it?

The fact is, (since we are putting words in The Dali Lama’s mouth) I would surmise that he is delighted to have people from the west at least “looking” at Buddhism. One of the maturities that a proper reading of Buddhism affords is that man is NEVER done seeking his own betterment in THIS life. I think the Dali Lama would concede that even an imperfect beginning in Buddhism (as all beginnings in any religion are necessarily clumsy for the pupil) is still a beginning and it is the APPLICATION of the principles as they are LEARNED that make the difference in how the religion impacts the individual and the world around him.

Jesus himself repeated the same sentiment over and over, namely that belief in Him as the Savior was the way to salvation in the AFTERLIFE, but by God, you better be good to others in THIS ONE TOO! (This is the basis of the New Covenant, after all)

There are other parallels between Jesus’ teachings and Buddhism. A true reading of Jesus’ words shows he insisted that one should, “…deny himself.” and, “…sell your possessions…” and THEN come follow Jesus.

Lastly, Jesus was adamant about the importance of spreading the word of the Gospel. Now, obviously, it’s imperative that the hearers of the Message “believe” (or at least act like they believe… this is a discussion for another time) – but nonetheless, Jesus was pretty clear that the more people who heard the Message, the better.

To the Dali Lama, these recent ascriptions to Buddhism are merely “hearers of the message”. Since you seem to give so much credence to the idea of free will, it should come as no surprise that, what one does with the message is entirely up to them.

2. demolition65 - May 11, 2007

THe point of my post was not the Dalai Lama’s position on consistent Buddhism. I could care less, and I suspect Mark doesn’t either.

The POINT was the text labeled in bold. The whole issue regarding the Lama’s position on this point is simply to serve as an illustrative backdrop for the main point: We stand on the shoulders of giants, all the while condemning those giants, even as we observe the vistas they have made available to us.

Tad ungrateful, I think.

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