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Priceless May 4, 2007

Posted by Administrator in Blogging, Humor, Idiots, Pharyngulism.

As in, this:

The rock star of scientist bloggers is Paul Myers, an associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, who writes Pharyngula. With about 20,000 visitors per day, Pharyngula is currently the most popular science blog according to Technorati. Myers started writing about 4 years ago. “It was a casual decision. One summer I had some free time and started typing away. And people started coming to the site,” he recalls. “I thought that I would stop in a month or so but I didn’t. I find it useful for communicating with other scientists and the community.” Myers not only writes about his brand of science, developmental biology, but often discusses politics and religion. “The blog would not be as popular if it was only about science,” he says. “I am popularizing science using political issues as a hook.”

Myers the Berserk continues:

This just isn’t good enough. I need to know which rock star. The Roger Waters of the blogosphere would be cool. David Bowie would be nifty, too, although I’m not thin enough. The Keith Richards of science blogging would be troubling … but if I’m the Ozzie, I’m hanging it up.

Comparisons with Ozzie are almost PERFECT!!  Think about it:  Self-absorbed.  Single-minded (in Ozzie’s case, it’s drugs.  In Myers’ case, it’s the evil of religion). Incoherent.  Admired by thousands of like-minded sycophants, who rise up in equally incoherent rages whenever the Object of their Adoration is questioned.  Mocked by rational people.

Yep.  You’re the Ozzy of the Science Internets, PZ.  Too bad you don’t have the integrity to quit.

(YES, I KNOW he’s being silly in his post.)



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